GoPro Hero7 White – Excellent water-resistance,Solid 1080p video quality

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GoPro’s Action cams have a distinctive look and this model is no different: The Hero7 White is a small soft-touch plastic nugget. What he lacks in the subtlety that compensates with his ability to be mounted on anything.

You get a case mounted housing and some mounting basics, but many will have to go straight to the accessory store. A mini-tripod or hand grip is not included.

Those with some GoPro experience will know immediately that this is not a high end model. The GoPro Hero7 Black has a front screen that is missing here and in the Silver Hero7. That screen shows when the camera is recording and how much battery is left.
This Action Camera has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is a slight shame-any semi-serious videographer will want an interchangeable battery. The drive takes about two hours of continuous shooting, or much less if you shoot short video streams.

If that’s not enough for you, there’s another solution. You can buy an external battery and load it in place. This is not feasible for a large set of scenarios, however-are you going to leave a lead that goes from the bike helmet to your backpack? An open cargo port also kills the water resistance of the white Hero7.

The GoPro Hero7 White has a simplified version of the software used in the Nero Hero7. You can slide the display to open the menu that alternates between photo, video and time-lapse modes or use the small MODE button on the side of the unit.

There is very little control beyond that; There is no giant catalog of quality settings or frame rates. This is because the camera does not have high-range shooting modes, such as 4K, a “Flat ” or “Slow-Mo” profile, because the white Hero7 is meant to be simple. Press the button at the top and start shooting. If you press again, it stops.

There are several ways to operate the GoPro Hero7 White. You can use voice commands instead of a button, although this requires that the camera is turned on, so it is not ideal for improvised shots.

You can press the shutter for a long period of time so that the target starts firing as fast as possible from its “off” state. The speed of this is the key parts that I’d like to see GoPro improve in the future. Compared to the almost instantaneous shooting of some phones with a photo function so fast, the 3-4 seconds that the GoPro Hero 7 white takes seems slow.

The faster the Action Cam can react, the better. The interface here is quite slow, especially compared to the phones that we now take for granted.

You get an instant preview of the images on the two-inch screen on the back and there is no noticeable image lag. Its clarity is pretty good for the basic composition of the image and the review of its footage.

GoPro Hero7 White – Video quality and performance
4K is the big missing feature from the GoPro Hero7 White. There are two resolutions you can choose: Standard 1080p or 1440P, which simply extends the vertical axis to use the 4:3 aspect sensor group. The image 1440p is not sharper, it will not be simply cut. If this option does not appear in the Settings menu, give the camera an update. GoPro added after launch.

GoPro also says that the Hero7 White has the SLO-MO video, but it does not depend on the standards of newer phones, or from high-end GoPro models. The white Hero7 shoots a “2x “, which is equivalent to 60fps. Is a normal frame rate; The camera simply sets playback for a noticeable SLO-MO effect.

This looks like an exercise in marking boxes, as this is not what comes to mind when most people think of the modern video of SLO-MO. We spoil our phones, with even mid-range models that are often able to shoot at 120fps.

The GoPro Hero 7 White is largely devoid of luxuries. Still, the central quality of every aspect of your video is as solid as one of the best affordable Action cams.

If you fancy a professional YouTuber in the production, you should aim higher than the white Hero7. Not captured in 4K, provides an adequate SLO-MO or any way to connect an external microphone. If you need these features, the GoPro Hero7 Black is the best Action Cam you can buy right now.
But for most of the buyers of Action Camera, it’s pretty easy. The quality of the video is good, the stabilization is solid and even the audio quality is sound. The ease of use is great, although GoPro needs to improve the responsiveness of the software and the overall shot, which seems a little awkward compared to the smartphone cameras. photo: GoPro   

GoPro Hero 7 White Key Specs:
Rugged + Waterproof to 33ft (10m) | Touch Screen | Voice Control | Photo Timer | Video Stabilization | Touch Zoom | Short Clips | 2x Slo-Mo | Exposure Control | QuickStories Enabled | Built-in Battery (1220mAH lithium-ion)
Wi-Fi + Bluethooth® | Connects to GoPro App | Auto Offload to Phone | Auto Upload to the Cloud With GoPro Plus Subscription,10MP Photo, Touch Zoom, Photo Timer Continous Photo Capture, Exposure Control,Video Stabilization, Touch Zoom, Short Clips, 2x Slo-Mo, Exposure Control.


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