HD video streaming – Roku vs. Chromecast

Roku and Chromecast are very similar devices with powerful media-streaming functionality. Both equally provide HD video streaming via an accessible HDMI port in a TV, then connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network, delivering a sharp, nice and clean digital picture and sound.

Both Roku and Chromecast have standard versions that support typical HD streaming and more enhanced models. Both are simple to set up and have user-friendly iOS and Android mobile applications. Content possibilities for Roku and Chromecast are numerous.

Roku and Chromecast
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The devices do have some important differences, nevertheless. Roku presents content through channels and applications, while Chromecast has a less centralized technique, where you cast through individual applications on your smartphone, tablet, or notebook. Chromecast provides more voice features, as well.
It’s simple to navigate through Roku’s stacked screen of channels and applications to deliver streaming content. The Roku remote control and the official application (downloadable via the iTunes App Store or Google Play) are user-friendly, working with a common D-pad and OK button.

Chromecast does not have a remote control. Instead of one space where you select what to watch, you cast from applications on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It’s a significantly less centralized approach, but one that may well truly feel more comfortable to those who watch lots of video on a smartphone or tablet.
The Google Home app provides standard controls for applications that are casting, but on the whole, control happens within the application that is at this time streaming. As a final result, if you have 6 sources for streaming video, you’ll jump back and forth between six applications.
Roku does have some voice-control capabilities. The Roku mobile application for iOS and Android, increased voice remote, Roku TV Voice Remote, and Roku Touch tabletop remote can all look for for content and manage the playback commands you require for full control.

Chromecast setup is easy. Connect the device into an available HDMI port, log in to your Google account by the Google Home app, and connect your Chromecast to your home’s Wi-Fi network. You will need to sign in to your TV or cable provider’s account to access premium and streaming TV channels. You buy monthly subscriptions or rent content through Google Play.
Roku’s setup is a little bit more involved. You will need to open an account with Roku, give a credit card number, and log in to your TV or cable provider’s account on your Roku to access premium and streaming TV channels. Providing a payment source lets you to purchase premium channel subscriptions, buy or rent movies and TV shows, or make other Roku Channel Store purchases.
Roku guides you through each part of the setup, and within around 12-15 minutes, you can sit back and watch a movie. While the setup is simple and easy, stepping into passwords for Wi-Fi networks and subscriptions can be a little bit of a take the time.

Each Are generally Powerful Solutions
Both Roku and Chromecast, are exceptional options for HD streaming entertainment. Chromecast delivers a easy product line-up at affordable prices and is an simple and easy out-of-the-box practical experience.


  • HD video streaming.
  • Offers basic and advanced models.
  • Has iOS and Android apps.
  • Content from hundreds of premium and free streaming providers.
  • Easy setup.
  • Remote is easy to use and intuitive.
  • App use is optional.
  • No built-in voice control.
  • Delivers content through channels and apps.


  • HD video streaming.
  • Offers basic and advanced models.
  • Has iOS and Android apps.
  • Content from hundreds of premium and free streaming providers.
  • Easy setup.
  • Watching with Chromecast requires an app for that channel or an app on a phone.
  • Doesn’t have a remote.
  • Works with Google Assistant.
  • Cast content from individual apps on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
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