High-end CD transport – Superb Cyrus CD T

Award-winning sound quality
Fully designed and generously speculated, the Cyrus CD t Transport is almost unique in offering CD transport services only from a mid-priced player. With a free CD, you can choose your own DAC option or alternatively connect the player directly to a ready-made digital amplifier, such as the Cyrus 6 DAC. Starting from the power supply, Cyrus CD T uses a high-quality toroidal transformer with separate control and digital windings. One Powers critical digital circuits with uninterrupted power, while the other caters to current-hungry control aspects such as transport Motors.
Jitter can be a serious problem for digital devices with clock errors that cause sound distortion. Fortunately, when paired with a matching Cyrus DAC, the jitter is almost non-existent and the sound is therefore more accurate than a typical box player at the same price.
Using quality components from power to output, Cyrus designed the CD T to be highly analytical. In addition, the special optical servo system significantly improves data performance for even greater accuracy.

Cyrus unique design and quality
For a few decades, Cyrus products were immediately recognizable by their medium-sized box design. This not only makes them more compact and attractive than other separate hi-fi, but is also practical; two units can be side by side without occupying any wider than a conventional separate hi-fi. Equally recognizable is the high-quality die-casting housing. A feature of Cyrus products since the late 80s, this very high-quality case not only looks great, but also has significant sound advantages. In mechanical terms, the dense housing provides a non-resonant nature, minimizing the effects of the microphone. The non-ferrous composition also provides superior shielding against various electrical interference, such as RF disturbances.Cyrus CD TUpgrade path
Like other Cyrus products, CD T offers a clear upgrade path. First, the drive can be returned to Cyrus for an update to the cdxt SE2 specification. After that, you can go further by adding the PSX-R outboard power supply, creating a real high-end CD transport. Photo: Cyrus
Synergy of the Cyrus system
Cyrus takes the synergy of the system seriously. Not only do all their products match aesthetically, but there is also a unique shelf designed specifically for them-the Hark. In addition to this, the CD T is equipped with MC-Bus connectivity, allowing CD transport to integrate seamlessly into a complete Cyrus system using a single remote control.

Connectivity options are minimal in this setup, featuring only two digital outputs – optical and coaxial. In addition to the standard MC-BUS control connections, no further options are available.


  • Impressive and nearly flawless performance
  • Exquisite precision, detail, and rhythm
  • Strong dynamics and cohesiveness
  • Remote with backlighting


  • Outdated design and display
  • Requires an external DAC to function as a CD player

Regarded as a premier audiophile CD transport, the Cyrus CD T is widely acknowledged as the top choice in its class. It inherits numerous high-end components from Cyrus’ flagship CD Xt Signature model. Alongside Cyrus’ distinctive Servo Evolution disc reading engine, the CD t incorporates many components typically reserved for much higher-priced players.

The integration of a multi-regulated power supply enables the Servo Evolution software to operate with remarkable precision. This setup effectively extracts substantial amounts of data from your discs and transfers it to an external DAC without introducing any alterations to the original music. The inclusion of a sophisticated re-clocking circuit featuring a finely-tuned crystal VCO results in a pure and rich sound output.

Test results showcase the CD t achieving leading read error rates within the industry, solidifying its reputation as the premier CD transport within its price range. For optimal results, consider pairing this exceptional CD transport with the 82 DAC integrated amplifier and digital-to-analog converter, or alternatively with the Pre2 DAC.

Notably absent is the PSX-R socket, a feature typically found in many Cyrus products to facilitate the use of an external power supply upgrade. However, similar to the CD Xt Signature model, Cyrus believes that advancements in internal power circuitry have reached a point where an external power supply is no longer a necessity.

While acquiring a dedicated standalone DAC is necessary, the CD t’s performance justifies the extra effort. Its unparalleled transparency, clarity, and insight at this price point make for an effortless and musically immersive listening experience.

Cyrus CD T
Cyrus CD T

All Cyrus components are manufactured in an advanced die-cast aluminum frame and this is finished by hand
case work is an integral part of the sound of the product. It’s not just about good looks; the composition of the frame is
specifically designed to create a mechanically shielded electronic environment free of vibration for the
sensitive audio circuits that hang inside the inverted frame, avoiding unwanted electrical currents and
secondary magnetic fields so that the sound you hear is the best it can be.

For a more flexible approach to CD playback, Cyrus CD T offers original options on how you want the CD player to sound.

Cyrus CD T Specifications:
CD transport
Servo Evolution technology
Optical and coaxial output
iR14 Remote control Included
Dimensions (H x W x D) – 73 x 215 x 360mm
Weight – 4.7kg


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