High-quality Stereo Amplifier Roksan K3 Power Amp

Take your sound system to the next level, with the high-quality Roksan K3 power amplifier.

The perfect upgrade for your existing K3 amplifier
If you already have a K3 amplifier, this power amplifier makes the upgrade ideal. There are two ways to use the K3 power amplifier. Use the existing amplifier as a preamplifier and act as a combination of pre/power. This provides each section with its own power supply and housing to improve detail and reduce distortion. Alternatively, if you have bi-wirable speakers, you can use one amplifier to run the “highs” and the other for the “low” in bi-amped mode. This greatly improves speaker control and significantly expands the sound scenario. Buy a second K3 power amplifier and you can also tri-amp; giving amazing control and resolution.Roksan K3 Power Amp

A flexible power amplifier in any system
In addition to being the ideal combination for a Roksan system, the K3 Power Amp also works well with other brands. With a selection of balanced RCA phono or XLR inputs it is compatible with virtually any preamplifier. It is also equipped with PHONO and XLP RCA outputs, which allow you to scroll through the sound for more complex and multi-amp systems.

Generous power
With a power of 70W per channel at 8 ohm, the Roksan K3 power amplifier has ample power for most speakers and room size. This power offers several advantages: the ability to drive all kinds of speakers with ease, even hard drives. The K3 combo also has little trouble filling large rooms with clean, powerful sound, and finally, even with medium speakers in small and medium rooms, the combo gives a tense and dynamic sound with a great sense of realism.Roksan K3 Power Amp

Quality with quantity
Even with its generous power, the K3 Power Amp is far from a single-trick pony. With a symmetrical amplifier design, high-quality signal output relays, and improved power design, the Roksan K3 Power Amp also excels in precision, detail, and low noise. Whatever the type of music, the sound benefits from absolute clarity, wide sound staging and precise resolution. Photo:Roksan

Superior construction quality
A big step forward in terms of style and quality, Roksan K3 Power Amp is a much more sophisticated amplifier. With a new rigid frame, the K3 Power Amp weighs up to 14 kg. It is this mass that provides excellent damping against mechanical vibrations, thus further reducing the chances of distortion. Roksan also simplified the design, giving the K3 Power Amp a smarter look than older models.Roksan K3 Power Amp

Increase and boost your system with the Roksan K3 power amplifier.

Amplifier Type



5 x RCA, MM phono, aptX Bluetooth, Bypass

Input Impedance

47 kohms

Line Input Senstivity

440 mV @ 140 W / 8 ohms


Speaker (L & R), pre-amp, 3.5 mm headphone

Power Output (Per Channel)

> 140 W (8 ohms) /
> 220 W (4 ohms)

Power Supply

550 VA Toroidal transformer

Frequency Response

<3 Hz – >100 kHz (-3 dB)


37.5 dB (75x)

Harmonic Distortion

<0.005 % (1 kHZ – 14 W @ 8 ohms)

Power Consumption

Full Power 2-CH: 8 ohms = <330 W,
4 ohms = <550 W

Signal to Noise Ratio

>90 dB (Line input)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

432 x 102 x 380 mm


14 kg

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