Hisense H6510G (2020) Review: very good budget-friendly TV

The Hisense H6510G has a decent design and looks almost identical to the Hisense H6570F 2019. It has thicker edges than the Hisense H6570G and the back looks different. Overall, there is nothing premium about its design as it is made from basic plastic and the metal on the back looks cheap.
The Hisense H6510G has an excellent contrast ratio, which is expected from a VA panel. It offers deep blacks when viewed in the dark. Note that the contrast may vary between units.
The Hisense H6510G is a TV for most uses. It works best when watching movies in dark rooms due to its exceptional contrast ratio and incredible black uniformity, but there’s no local darkening. It is not suggested for extensive seating arrangements due to their narrow viewing angles. It’s fine for random games as it has a fairly low input delay, but the fast-moving content looks a bit blurry.Hisense H6510GThe Hisense H6510G is fine for watching movies. It has an excellent native contrast ratio and incredible black uniformity, but lacks a local attenuation feature to further deepen blacks. It also removes the 24p thrill from native apps and blu-rays.
The Hisense H6510G is very good for video games. It have a good response time, but you may still notice the mirroring of the images. It has a fairly low entry delay for random gaming, but it is too high for competitive games. There is also a lack of additional game features, such as variable refresh rate support. However, it is ideal for playing in the dark room due to its exceptional contrast and incredible black uniformity.
The Hisense H6510G is fine for HDR movies. It shows deep blacks thanks to its exceptional contrast ratio and incredible black uniformity. However, it cannot display a wide range of colors and does not become bright enough to make reflections appear in HDR.
The Hisense H6510G is fine for computer use. Displays 4:4:4 chroma, which is important for reading fine text. It also has a pretty low entry delay and a good response time. However, it has narrow viewing angles, so the image might look inaccurate on the sides if you sit too close. In addition, it does not become bright enough to combat glare in well-lit rooms.Hisense H6510GThe Hisense H6510G is a cheap TV. It is a “Black Friday” alternative of the Hisense H6570G with improved performance. Unlike the H6570G, it perfectly displays native 4k content. It has an excellent contrast ratio and incredible black uniformity, making it a great choice to watch movies in dark rooms. However, it is not ideal for large seat arrangements because it has narrow viewing angles and loses image accuracy when displayed outside the center. It’s fine for random matches due to its fairly low entry delay, but there’s too much delay for competitive matches. The built-in Android TV offers a total of apps available for download, and the interface is smooth enough to navigate.Photo:Hisense

TV Dimensions(without the stand) 57.4×33.1×3.4 inches
(with the stand) 57.4×35.6×10.8 inches
TV Stand Width 48.4×10.8 inches
TV Weight (without the stand) 39.1 lbs
(with the stand) 39.7 lbs
Carton Dimensions (WxHxD) 64.1×39.2×7.3 inches
Shipping Weight 54 lbs
Actual Screen Size (Diagonal) 64.5 inches
Screen Class 65 inches
Screen Type LCD
Smart TV Yes (Android TV)
App Store Yes (Google Play App Store)
Screen Resolution 4K UHD, 3840x2160p
Local Dimming No
4K Upscale Yes
Motion Rate 120
Aspect Ratio 16:9
HDR* Yes
(Dolby Vision/HDR10/HLG)
Backlight Type Source Full Array
Audio Output Power (Watts) 8Wx2
Audio Enhancement DTS Virtual:X
On-screen Display English/French/Spanish
Power Consumption 160W
Standby Consumption <0.5W
Power Supply (Voltage/Hz) AC 120V / 60Hz
Wi-Fi Built In Yes (802.11ac 2.4GHz/5GHz)
Bluetooth® Yes
Ethernet (LAN) Yes
USB 2.0 2
RF Antenna 1
RCA Composite Video Input 1
L/R Audio Input for Composite 1