HiSuite app – must have for Huawei smartphone owners

If you own a Huawei smartphone, you can use HiSuite app to manage it from your computer, giving you access to options for managing the apps and data you have installed.

In terms of smartphones, Huawei has just emerged as a powerful contender. It offers top-notch specifications for affordable costs, as well as top-notch software pre-installed on the phones. To manage your phone and the files you have on it, you’ll also need special hardware from Huawei. If you have a Huawei smartphone, HiSuite is one of the more crucial programs you’ll need to install on your PC.HUAWEI HiSuite2

It is made to provide you more authority over the data and applications on your phone. It works well for syncing files, contacts, and data on your phone in addition to other utility functions.

Connect Your Smartphone to a Computer
You must first connect your phone to your PC in order to use this software. You can accomplish it using either an USB cable or your phone’s WiFi connection.
If you choose the wireless connection, you could even be able to use an encrypted connection, which provides you a little bit more security.

Manage Files, Sync Contacts, and More
You will have more control over your files, contacts, and data thanks to HiSuite app. HiSuite will enable you to synchronize contacts between your phone and any other devices where you may have them stored.

Additionally, you’ll be able to sync other types of data from your smartphone, such calendars and events. Data can be moved between your tablet or smartphone and other devices. Of course, you can also easily transfer files across devices and carry out other computer-based file management functions.
All of this is necessary to get greater control over your smartphone and to be able to choose which functions should be updated frequently.

The HUAWEI HiSuite features:

Management of contacts
• Delete contacts
• Import and export contacts
• Manage contact groupsHiSuite

File management
• Manage files on internal storage and SD cards
• Export files to computers
• Import files to mobile phones

Application Management
• Check, install and uninstall applications, easy and fast.
• Single click to upgrade applications online.

Backup and recovery
• The data on devices can be backed up to the computer, including contacts, messages, applications, music, call history, emails, and schedule.
• It also supports transferring backed up data to devices.

System Recovery
• Restore the device to factory settings when its system crashes and won’t turn on

Gallery management
• Support multiple ways of viewing pictures
• Import and export pictures
• Set the picture as device wallpaper

• Provide the function of Upgrade and Rollback for Huawei Mobile System
System Recovery
Upgrade your mobile phone system to the latest version easily.

Almost all Huawei smartphone owners must use HiSuite, which is one of the most important apps. They can use their smartphone to carry out a variety of chores thanks to it.

Download the HiSuite app HERE 

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