How can you increase the WiFi signal in a hotel room?

If you often travel for work or vacation, but you don’t want to lose access to secure internet, a travel router may be a big advantage. Numerous models even include things like VPN features to always keep your data the most protected it can be away from your home network. What are the characteristics that make the ideal travel router? For beginners, these products are transportable and unbelievably simple to carry with you in your pocket or bags while you travel. They provide you with a lot of internet speed, range, and protection, making them the most effective routers for on-the-go internet connection.

Exactly, how can you increase the WiFi signal in a hotel room or or anywhere while you are on vacation?

Just buy a travel router. They are cheap and will certainly increase the hotel’s signal to your room. When it comes to performance, lots of travel wireless router’s provides a strong function set. While some of them may certainly not be the fastest travel router on the market, it still offers you more than good enough speed at up to 150 Mbps of bandwidth, when readily available. A travel router is a networking product that enables you to connect some other devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets, to the internet. These portable devices connect to a wired internet network to produce a wireless internet signal which your wi-fi devices can use.

Try cheap and strong compact Vonets VAR11N-300 travel router

The Vonets VAR11N-300 travel router is one of the more special choices in the buying guideline, just because it does not look like the some other options. It features 2 massive cables that are not detachable, which connect to a modem and power source (regrettably the power adapter is not included) in order to provide Wi-Fi for your devices. The connected cables can get in the way at moments, but they are remarkably long lasting for such an inexpensive product.
The VAR11N-300 can enable non-wireless devices to receive a wi-fi signal, which is valuable for network ink jet printers or more mature gaming consoles. On the other hand, it of course can still work as a travel router, making upwards of 300 Mbps of bandwidth. We were being also satisfied by the Vonets router’s ultra lightweight dimension. This device can very easily fit into your pocket with room to spare, making it excellent for minimalist tourists. You might also like the best tabs for reading buying guide for minimalist tablet options.Vonets VAR11N-300 travel routerVAR11N-300

If you are looking to get connected instantly or need to enable non-wireless devices to receive internet signal, then this is the ideal travel router for you. All you will need to do is plug this router in and you’re good to go, making it very simple and efficient for most users.

Support connecting more than 20pcs WiFi terminal at the same time; WiFi hotspot memory, maximum memory up to 100 hotspots.

Support wide voltage DC5V-15V(Typical 5V/1A, ripple less than 100mV).

Interface: 1 10/100M adaptive Ethernet female port; dedicated two in one power supply cable, with a set of power supply and a set of 10/100M adaptive Ethernet cable ;

Ethernet cable and Ethernet LAN/WAN interchangeable

Reset button: Long press 5 seconds then release(During operation, the product can not be powered down, otherwise it may cause damage to the product.)

Antenna: Built-in Intelligent Omnidirectional antenna

VAR11N-300 is a plug and play Mini WiFi router and WiFi bridge. On business trip and traveling stay at hotel, you simply connect the Ethernet cable in the hotel room to Ethernet port of VAR11N-300, then connect power supply, the complete room is Wi-Fi WiFi coverage. Now, you can take out your mobile phone, PAD and other devices that support Wi-Fi, then get WiFi internet at anyplace of the room, no require any kind of settings. VONETS VAR11N-300 Mini WiFi Router price: $25.98         Photo: VONETS

Vonets VAR11N-300 travel router



VONETS VAR11N-300 Mini WiFi Router specs:

Hardware Spec
Protocol Standard
   IEEE 802.11g. IEEE 802.11b. IEEE 802.11n
rate of transmission
   1 10/100M adaptive Ethernet female port
   1 dedicated two in one power supply cable, with a set of power
   supply and a set of 10/100M adaptive Ethernet cable
   Ethernet cable and Ethernet LAN/WAN interchangeable
   Reset button (Long press)
   Status instruction:
   Ethernet port status Light (Green Light);
   ethernet cable status Light (Green Light);
   Hotspot Connection Status Light (Blue Light);
   WiFi status Light (Blue Light)
   Built-in Smart Omnidirectional antenna
   43mm x 43mm x 14mm (L x W x H)
Basic Function
   WiFi Exchange
   SSID Broadcast exchange
   Channel option: 1-14
   WiFi mode option: 802. 11n only,  802.11 B/G/n mixed,  802.11  B/G mixed, 802.11G only,  802.11B only.
   WiFi Hotspot scan automatically
   WiFi Hotspot memory
Working Mode
   WiFi smart bridge mode:
      AP Station mode (WiFi hotspot), suitable for hotel room usage
      AP Client mode (WiFi client), suitable for IP TV, STBs.
      Repeater mode (WiFi signal repeat), it can extand the
      distance of WiFi transfer
      WiFi router mode
WiFi security
   WiFi MAC address filter
   WiFi Security function exchange
   64/128/WEP encryption
   WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, WPA/WPA2 security mechanism
Wired Related
WAN port Setting
   WiFi router mode:
      WAN port connection type support: PPPoE, Dynamatic IP, Static IP, L2TP, PPTP
   DDNS Client
   WiFi router mode:
      IP and MAC address binding against  ARP attacks (WiFi router mode support)
      IP address filter (WiFi router mode support)
      Domain filter (WiFi router mode support)
      Mac address filter
Forward rules
   Port forwarding (WiFi router mode support)
   Virtual Service (WiFi router mode support)
   DMZ Host
System function
   Time service
   Firmware upgrade
   Configure file import and export
   Device reboot
   Reset factory
   Administrate account and password revise


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