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How do I get Spotify’s tracks that aren’t available?

Depending on the permits from rights holders, the accessibility of music can change over time and between different regions. The good news is that Spotify adds new content every day, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for right now, keep checking back because it might show up (or come back).

You can use your Spotify app to play music files stored on your smartphone in addition to the over 40 million tracks available by Spotify (which is referred to as “local files”).
You must use the desktop app to import your local files to Spotify.

  1. Click the arrow in the top-right corner of the desktop app and select Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Local Files.
  3. Any files in My Music and Downloads are automatically selected. Switch off any sources you don’t want Spotify to access.
  4. Click ADD A SOURCE to select another folder.
    photo: Pixabay

Supported file types:

  • .mp3
  • .m4p (unless it contains video)
  • .mp4 (if QuickTime is installed on your computer)

If you have Premium, here’s how to access the local files on your mobile device:

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  1. Add the files to a playlist.
  2. Log in on your mobile or tablet using the same WiFi network as your desktop app.
  3. Select the playlist containing the local files.
  4. Switch on Download.

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