How to Fix Audio Delay in VLC player

In most cases, VLC should be able to automatically do the job of VLC audio sync. However, when the real issue happens like hearing the sound before the movie scenes move, you should know that the audio is out of sync. This common issue could be found similar to the VLC subtitle delay problem. But actually, VLC could be a great tool for how to fix audio delay in VLC itself. There are mainly two ways to fix desynchronized video and audio with VLC Media Player. The first one is using the keyboard shortcuts while the alternative way will show how to sync audio in VLC via menu step by step.


The method by hotkeys:

Step 1. Check the playback.

Examine the playback to see if the audio does have issues syncing with the video.

Step 2. The hotkeys are designed differently for Mac users and Windows users.

If you are running VLC with a Windows computer, remember the “J” and “K” keys. When you are sure that the audio is running behind the video, you can press the “J” on the keyboard to speed up. On the contrary, hit the “K” to slow down the audio playback.

If you are a Mac user, the default keys to adjust VLC audio delay are “F” and “G”. Use the “F” key whereas the sound is delayed. The opposite is to press “G” to have the audio go backward.

Step 3. Keep pressing the shortcut keys until the audio syncs with the image.

Every time when you press the keys, 50 milliseconds of the soundtrack will be put forward or backward. So the whole augmentation of each adjustment will be confirmed and displayed on the upper right corner of the interface. But the popping up confirmation will disappear soon.

The method by accessing menu settings:

Step 1. During the playback, navigate to the “Effect and Filters” through the “Tools” menu option. Or you can also use the shortcut keys “Ctrl + E” to open the panel.

Step 2. There will be three labels on the top, choose the “Synchronization” tab. You can see two sections of “Audio/Video” and “Subtitles/Video” respectively. Under the “Audio/Video” box, there is an option for setting the “audio track synchronization”. Input the numerical value to reach the desired state so as to fix desynchronized video and audio with VLC.

Step 3. Just hit the “Done” button to save the settings. Notice that the above methods for how to sync audio in VLC are only working temporarily.

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