How to fix Google Play Music lagging issue ?

Google Play Music is considered one of Spotify’s biggest competitors. However, it is not close enough to spotify are many cases. The first impression of Play Music may not be good enough for some users. The main reason is its small problem of delay with the application and the web reader. While the spotify app on all platforms works quite impressively, Play Music app isn’t doing right enough. Not only is it happening on low-end or mid-range devices, many users face a similar problem on flagship smartphones like Galaxy S9, Galaxy J7, etc. To fix Google’s music lagging issue, I’ll give you some tips in this article.

Many users are talking about various problems of lagging in playing music. Slow and slow scrolling, significant delay in changing the music track, pause, etc. are the most common problems. Some users have also noticed that music playback continues for a few seconds even after closing the app completely. You’re probably finding similar problems too.

You can see that there are so many users who are discussing this issue in various forums. Unfortunately, they did not find any perfect resolution. But, there are some useful things for you to do. You can reduce this delay issue.

How to fix Google Play Music lagging issue:
Google has included the premium music subscription for free with Red YouTube. Therefore, it has become one of the main attractions of the music industry. In any case, if you can get rid of completely delay or slow music performance problem, you will definitely love it.

Before going through my methods, you should check for updates to play music and your system. Updates always come with less performance improvement and bug fixes. Therefore, this can resolve the issue. In any case, here are some tips that can help.

1. Clear cache and data:
When extremely slow performance occurs in music playback, you can clear the cache and data. This will make your performance much better than before. But, I’m not saying it’s going to completely solve your problem. It will reduce the problem of delay. You can clear the cache and data by going to Settings > App > Google Play Music and tapping Clear Cache and clearing the data.

2. Reinstall:
That’s another thing that can help you. You can simply reinstall this app. On most modern devices, the Play Music app is one of the preinstalled apps. Therefore, you may not be able to uninstall it. However, you can uninstall the updates and restore them to the default factory version. Then try upgrading it to the latest version. You can reduce or fix the Google playback lagging issue.

3. Adjust some other things:
You can temporarily turn off the automatic music download feature from your music playback settings and see what happens. You should also check when you are facing a delay problem. Some users find it when they listen to music using mobile data instead of wi-fi. Yes, the same thing happens for you, changing the quality of music from high to normal or low while using mobile data can help you. Because, sometimes, slow internet connection can be responsible for a slow change tracking issue.

4. Fix Google Play Music Lagging issue in web version:
Like spotify, Play Music also has web player to allow users to stream music from desktop browsers. If you’re facing a web delay issue, it may not be a direct problem playing music. You should check from another browser or in incognito mode of the current browser. You should fix Google’s music delay for your web player.

For some users, the lagging issue is very common. Why, they have so many apps installed on their devices. Therefore, many applications running in the background may cause delay issues. Therefore, you should also check it and optimize your Android phone to speed up performance. Anyway, I hope, these tips will help you. I also like to know a better way to solve the problem of slow music performance. Therefore, you cannot share the method in the comments box.   Photo:Google Play Music

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