How to fix: Netflix Error TVQ-ST-103 or TVQ-ST-131

Netflix Error TVQ-ST-103 or TVQ-ST-131 typically occurs when there is an issue with the app or the data stored on your streaming device. Here are some steps you can try to resolve this error:

  • Restart your streaming device: Begin by restarting your streaming device (smart TV, game console, streaming box, etc.). Turn off the device, unplug it from the power source, wait for about 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. Turn on the device and try launching Netflix again.
  • Clear Netflix app data (smart TVs): If you’re using a smart TV, try clearing the app data for Netflix. Access the settings or app management section on your TV, find the Netflix app, and look for the option to clear data or cache. This process may vary depending on your TV’s manufacturer and model. After clearing the data, relaunch Netflix and check if the error is resolved.

    Photo: Netflix
  • Reinstall the Netflix app: If clearing the app data didn’t work, uninstall the Netflix app from your streaming device and then reinstall it. Access the app management section on your device, locate Netflix, and choose the option to uninstall. Once uninstalled, visit the app store or official website for your device, search for Netflix, and reinstall the app. Launch Netflix again and see if the error persists.
  • Update the Netflix app: Ensure that you have the latest version of the Netflix app installed on your streaming device. Outdated versions can sometimes cause compatibility issues. Visit the app store or official website for your device, check for any available updates for the Netflix app, and install them if necessary.
  • Check your internet connection: Make sure your streaming device is connected to the internet and that your internet connection is stable. You can try accessing other websites or using other streaming services to verify the connectivity. If you’re using a Wi-Fi connection, consider moving your device closer to the router or connecting via an Ethernet cable for a more stable connection.
  • Test Netflix on a different device: If possible, try accessing Netflix on a different device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This can help determine if the issue is specific to your streaming device or if it’s a broader problem. If Netflix works fine on another device, it suggests a device-specific issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Contact Netflix support: If the error persists after trying the above steps, it’s best to reach out to Netflix support directly. They have access to specific account and technical information and can provide further assistance in troubleshooting the issue.

When contacting Netflix support, provide them with the exact error code TVQ-ST-103 or TVQ-ST-131 and any other relevant information about your streaming device and network setup. This will help them diagnose and resolve the issue more effectively.

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