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How to recover a hacked Gmail account?

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Gmail is one of the most used electronic mail services by billions of users all over the world thanks to its highly secure and fast mailing functions.

Users can easily access their Gmail account on their favorite device and on another email service provider. However, in spite of this, users also have to confront each other when someone is hacking their Gmail account.

Are you repeatedly entering your e-mail account password? And does a “Wrong Password” message appear? So it means that someone has violated your Gmail account. Therefore, it is very important to recover your Gmail account as soon as possible to pay attention to any misuse of the data available in your e-mail account. Google offers a long list of ways to recover passwords. But if you try it for the first time, read this article carefully where you will learn the simple steps to restore your Gmail email account in a very simple way.

If you wish to recover your hacked Gmail account, you must follow the instructions below:


• First of all, go to the official Google Account login page and then tap Need help Link.

• You will now be redirected to the Google account recovery page where you should touch I do not know the password.

• Enter your Gmail address you want to recover and then check the captcha characters.

• Touch Continue.

• Now you need to verify your identity through various forms of password recovery and then choose the phone number option to restore your Gmail account.

• Next, you will receive a verification code in your registered phone number and then enter the specified field. You can also try the Answer security method to verify your identity.

• Now you have to enter a new password for your Gmail account and then re-enter it to confirm. Always choose a secure password for your account that contains numbers, special letters and characters.

• Touch the Change password option to end the procedure.

• You can now access your Gmail account with your newly created password.

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