How to Split a PDF File?

Do you want to split a PDF document into individual pages? With PDF Split & Merge tool, you can easily cut PDFs into pages, you can extract each PDF document into a PDF file.

People often split PDF files into pages because large PDF files (almost like a book) are difficult to access. You cannot send the PDF to your colleagues via email. When you are in a hurry, finding specific information can be frustrating. There are many reasons why you might want to split a PDF document into multiple pages.

You can use this tool to split a document into multiple files.

How to split a PDF into individual pages (efficiently)
This is a simple to use app with 6 splitting options. You can split pages in half, split the PDF into multiple files, rename or extract a specific PDF document, and many other things. Along with that, by using this advanced tool, users can also merge PDF documents into a single file.

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The steps to split a file into individual pages using the Split option for each page available in the tool are shown below. Follow the steps shown and split your large file in a few clicks or without file format issues

Download and install the software on your system (available for MAC and Windows), then select Split from the drop-down menu.
To add files or folders, go to the “Add File” / “Add Folder” option. If you want to cut a single file, use the Add file option or add a folder containing multiple files, use the Add Folder option.
To split a file into pages, select the Split by Page option.
Change the location where the output files will be saved by clicking Edit.
When the process completion message appears, click OK.
What other splitting options does this tool offer?

As I said before, the tool has six splitting options. Let’s look at the possibilities of splitting a file:

  1. Split by size: As the name implies, this option is used to split the file into sections based on the specified size.
  2. Split by page number: this option extracts specific pages from a document. For example, if you want to extract page 3 from a file, you can enter that number in the text box and create a new file with that page number.
  3. Split by page range: You can extract a specific page range from a PDF document. Assuming you want to crop the numbered PDF pages from 3 to 7 and save them to a separate file. Accordingly, you can achieve this easily with the help of this option.
  4. Odd pages: Using this option, the tool will create a new PDF file by separating pages with odd numbers.
  5. Even pages: separates all PDF pages with an even number of pages.
  6. Split by page: The tool will split each page of a PDF file into multiple files or simply split the PDF into individual pages.

Other premium features include:
The tool can also help you combine PDF files and has a number of other premium features.

For example, if you have a password protected PDF file. So what can this tool do? You can request your password and then unlock it internally. The file does not need to be unlocked separately.
Also, do not worry about formatting problems. Page breaks, margins, layout structure, fonts, annotations, image quality, etc., everything will be taken care of by this tool.
The tool will retain all file attachments, or you can choose to skip to the final document.
As you can see, the tool allows you to split the file using different splitting options. You can split the PDF into individual pages using the Split by Page option. You can get the free edition, which allows you to split the first five PDF files for free.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the best way to split a PDF into individual pages on a Mac?

To split or merge PDF files on Mac machine, users can download SysTools Mac PDF Splitter and merge tool.

  1. How do you get pages from a PDF?

Let’s try these steps for extraction:-

Step 1: Get SysTools PDF Splitter & merge app.

Step 2: To continue, select the “split” option.

Step 3: Choose the file you want to split into multiple pages from the box.

Step 4: Select the “Split PDF by page number” option from the Split menu. Specify the page number of the file you want to extract.

Step 5: Select the “split” option.

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