HP Sprocket 200 pocket printer – no need for ink refills

HP Sprocket 200 pocket printer – no need for ink refills

One of the smallest printers you can buy, the HP Sprocket 200 is a diminutive lightweight printer that fits in your pocket. Print small mini-cute photos on Zink paper, which means it does not require any ink cartridges.

Measuring only 80 x 117.5 x 25mm, and weighing just over one gram (0172 kg), the Sprocket 200 is super-Pocketable.


The loading paper is easy: simply pop the top and place the leaves on the face up. Carefully, when the Sprocket 200 is turned off, it can be used as a temporary locker to store your impressions.

Once printed, the photos come out of the front of the sprocket and dry to the touch, without stirring or waiting for them to develop.

Around the back there is an on/off switch and a micro-USB port for charging. The 200 toothed wheel takes about three seconds to encengirse or off. Each time you turn it on, the printer will perform a short start-up operation, testing the roller. The power LED will blink green when the pinion is fully charged; Orange when you need more juice; And red when you have it connected to a power supply so you know it’s charging.

The application Setup page skillfully indicates the battery level, and can also be set to “Automatic shutdown ” After one hour, for example, so if you forget to turn it off, then it will do it for you. If you are low in power, the good news is that you can use the Sprocket 200 when plugged into a power source – although doing so will obviously see the levels fall.

The HP Sprocket 200 is very easy to set up. You need to download the Sprocket application from Itunes App Store or Google Play. It will work with phones and tablets running software as old as iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4.

The Sprocket app comes with a lot of options. In addition to printing individual images, you can also print photos in 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 grids to create photographic mosaics.

In any photo you can adjust the contrast, brightness, add filters, stickers, edges and labels, including some sorted tags “to: From: “, if you wanted to convert your prints into personalized labels for Christmas or birthday gifts.

You can also add text, giving your Sprocket the potential to be a Meme machine on the fly. Unfortunately, there is currently no option to choose fonts: There is no white impact text with black edges for you.

In general, the Sprocket application does a good job of recognizing the natural orientation of your photos, so the things that are fed into the hopper require a minimal touch-up, most of the time.
In addition, as the Sprocket 200 prints at 313 x 400dpi, any image that does not conform to an aspect ratio of 4:3 will suffer a clipping. You can manually pinch to zoom and rotate the images in the frame in order to get the things that fit to your liking, so if your phone natively takes still images at 16:9, 18:9 or something else, you can trim and twist things to your liking. Depending on the phone you’re using, it might be better to edit your photos in advance before you open the Sprocket application. photo:HP

Supported Operating Systems
Compatible Operating Systems Android: 4.4 above / iOS: 8.0 above
Operating system (supported note) Android: 4.4 above / iOS: 8.0 above
Advanced Features
Energy savings feature technology HP Auto-Off Technology
Product color Noir
Printing Media Handling
Maximum input capacity (photo paper) Up to 10 sheets
Maximum input capacity (sheets) Up to 10 sheets
Input capacity Up to 10 sheets
Supported Printing Media
Media sizes, custom 5.08 x 7.6 cm
Media sizes supported 5.08 x 7.6 cm
Media size, tray 1 5.08 x 7.6 cm
Media types ZINK™

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