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Important tips to earn money from YouTube

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You can earn money from YouTube by satisfying all YouTube standards.
For the new YouTuber and also for the old YouTuber, if you’re a new user, now you have to complete 1000 subscribers 4000 hours watch time to enable monetization on your channel.

Try this four ways, basically:

  1. Advertising revenue. When there’s an ad on a video Watch page, the creator of that video shares that ad’s revenue with YouTube. YouTuber cannot discuss advertising rates, but it is generally acknowledged that it is between $1 from 1,000 views, up to a few dollars for 1,000 views. Many Youtubers also do sponsored or branded content, where they share or discuss a paid product. This can be very profitable, but there is also the risk of drowning your authentic relationship with your audience.
  2. Merchandising. Many creators of YouTube sell T-shirts or mugs with logos or jokes inside. There are companies designed for niche creators who try to make merch for their audience.For Some YouTuber, this may be a greater source of revenue than the ads, but for the most part it’s a relatively small business.
  3. Auxiliary products. Many Youtubers are able to use their existing audience as an activation energy for other projects-from musical journeys to makeup lines and books. Because Many of these projects have better established business models (as people usually expect to pay for books), this can also be a big problem.
  4. Subscription fees. This is an emerging business model, but I think a very promising one.This reduces the influence of advertisers and makes creators respond directly to their audiences. However, it requires a percentage of viewers to choose to pay.

I suspect most Youtubers make the most of their money from the ads, but I think advertising is likely to be reduced as a percentage as a source of income, which I think is mostly good news. I Think advertising is an important part of the financing of our online experiences, but in the end it could be said that the Internet is healthier when it addresses the needs of its human users rather than the needs of its corporate Sponsors.

Use a good thumbnail, title and describe

When you produce a video and you upload it, keep thinking about a good title and make a good thumbnail for it.

Because every time your video exists on YouTube, it indicates the thumbnail of your video and the title of the video, so if the title and the thumbnail of your video are not good, then people will see a lot of work and if the title and the thumbnail are good so , in front of which will go your video, of course you’ll see it once and if your video is good then will be able to see it completely.

Using good titles and thumbnails, you can also complete the watch time of 4000 hours on your channel as quickly as possible.

If you want to complete 4000 hours watch time asap, then upload the trendy video in the first place. With trending video, I mean, the video that is most discussed now or is not noisy (News) is in the last interactive that people are watching and I like best, make the video as soon as possible and upload it because while you create a video on the disk news discussion, people watch that video as people want to know about that news, so they will see your video finished and that’s why you get a good watch time.

When you apply good labels, you can get a watch time of 4000 hours as quickly as possible

The most important thing is that you do the best video. As long as you don’t make good videos, one of the previous methods I said won’t work for you.

Make your own video so that every time someone sees your video, you can’t stop it without watching your video.

That is, in the theme of which the video is made, whichever is the most important or what is the most important point, save it for the last, which is said at the end of his video.

So every time someone watches your video, then for that point, they watch your full video.

You can get a lot of views this way, but you will not always be seen to be helpful.

If you’re going to buy watch time, make sure you’re really getting watch time, and that watch time really lasts.

YouTube will filter fraudulent views and release them, decreasing the watch time at the time of display, and can also penalize your channel if they think of buying bad views.

Use The final screen and the tabs

Screen end-use screen and tabs in all your videos.

This is on YouTube, they will know well what the final screen and the cards are and what they do not know about them, I tell them that the use of the final screen, after uploading the video, 20 seconds to the end of their video is made for.

Inside the final screen you can put your first uploaded video so that if someone watches your video, then your old video also appears on the video screen and if you like a video of those videos, then you can also click on it and apply the LO Go of your channel for That people can subscribe to their channel by clicking on it.

With The final screen and tabs, you can also complete the clock time of 4000 hours on your channel as soon as possible.

After uploading the video, share as much as possible, in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. So that your video can win more people until your video reaches the logo.

You won’t get views and you won’t get watch time until you get the view. You Can have a good advantage this way, but there is no special advantage, but you still have to share your videos as you will never gain the advantage in this way.

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