Installation Connect Amplifier-Monitor Audio IA200-2C

Install with the audio monitor
Designed specifically for rack-mounted installations, Monitor Audio’s range of AI amplifiers offers an option for all scenarios. Designed to use as little rack space as possible while simultaneously packing the largest stroke, AI amplifiers provide more for less. Full connectivity with a simple wired voltage trigger or signal direction is provided for easy system integration. The switchable automatic power makes this amplifier ideal for ease of use.
IA200-2C – ideal for a powerful stereo zoneMonitor Audio IA200-2CUsing renowned Hypex amplifiers, the IA200-2C delivers powerful and reliable sound to a stereo pair of speakers. With 150 watts per channel at 8 ohm (200w to 4 ohm), the IA200-2C is powerful enough to drive speakers to very high levels in larger spaces. It connects the amplifier and will produce a powerful 470 watts on a single channel.
Connect the IP interface
Connect your IA200-2C to the Internet hub, and you can control the amplifier from any device with a web browser connected to the same hub. The IA200-2C also supports Crestron and Control 4 systems for seamless smart home integration.
Stylish design
The IA200-2C has a frame height of 1U, which means it takes up as little space as possible. The stylish housing has orange reflections that match the audio monitor speakers.
The IA800-2C connection amplifier is powerful enough to directly drive 70V line speakers without any corresponding line transformer. It offers up to 80 watts per 4-ohm power channel and can be connected to 2 channels. The connection amplifier’s connection IP interface allows you to control the sound system from afar, transfer firmware and audio files, and track the status of the sound system from a remote location. It features a 2U rack design that universally adapts to most racks and offers up to 93% energy efficiency.Monitor Audio IA200-2C

Monitor Audio IA200-2C connect amplifier device uses an RJ-45 input for IP communication. The IP interface is accessible from any device with an Internet connection and web page browser, but on the same network as the amplifier. It has an output impedance of 600 ohm and an input impedance of 20 k ohm. The installation amplifier has a frequency response that ranges from 5 Hz to 50 kHz and comes with an SN:R ratio of -100dB. Photo:Monitor Audio 

Let Monitor Audio get the most out of your speakers, with IA200-2C.  Video:YouTube

  • 2 Channel Installation Amplifier
  • Supports single stereo pairing
  • Power (watts/channel) – 800 W at 4ohms
  • Loop RCA – 600 ohms, Input impedance – 20 k ohms
  • Input sensitivity – 100mV/ 1 W and 1230mV on full power
  • Rack Height – 2U – universal fitting
  • Fuse Rating – 100-120VAC: T15AL/250V AC and 220-240VAC: T10AL/250V AC
  • Mains Operating Voltage: 100-120V @ 60 Hz and 220-240V @ 50 Hz
  • Maximum Input Voltage – 2.9V
  • 5 Hz – 50kHz frequency response
  • Dimensions (including feet): 97.2.x438x438 mm (HxWxD)
  • Dimensions (excluding feet): 86.6x438x438 mm (HxWxD)
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