iOS 16’s new iPhone features we simply love

The iPhone’s upcoming operating system update from Apple is almost due to start. You can sign up for Apple’s beta testing program if you’re interested in seeing iOS updates before they become available to the general public.

The majority of people are typically eager to test out new operating systems, but if you download one that is still in beta testing, you should be prepared for plenty of bugs. You’re generally best off waiting for a wide release because of this.
The release of Apple’s iOS 16 will begin on September 12th. It is one of the biggest updates in recent decades and includes a ton of new features, adjustments, and customization choices. Read on to learn about some exciting new features coming to iOS 16 that we’ve been experimenting with since mid-July.

Customizable Lock Screen
The clock appears to be behind things in the wallpaper thanks to a new depth perception function on the lock screen. But by far, using numerous Lock Screens or a variety of images is the most welcome update.
You can choose several images to use when creating a lock screen (you can now tap and hold the lock screen to get directly to settings). After that, you may decide how frequently they should change. This can happen every time you wake up your iPhone, once each day, when you press the screen, or once per hour.
It’s a superb method to stay interesting and avoid having to make the challenging decision of choosing the ideal picture that best represents your personality. Additionally, it makes changing wallpaper simple. You could, for instance, have one set of wallpaper during the week and another for the weekends.iOS 16update

A new method of viewing notifications
You don’t want notification banners to cover up a cool Lock Screen image. There are now three different ways to display notifications in iOS 16, and they all just show up at the bottom of the screen. The usual choice is list view, in which alerts are displayed on your screen stacked one on top of the other.
With stack view, notifications are grouped together and you may navigate through the previews much like a Rolodex. When you press on the count view, which merely shows the amount of alerts, a preview appears.
On the Lock Screen, you can always pinch the notification list to quickly alter the layout.

Monitor your medications
This new feature in the Health app is very useful. You can enter any medications you are currently taking after setting up your health data in order to create a timetable and keep track of dosages. To keep track of the prescription drugs, vitamins, and supplements you take, you can make a list.
The app scans the medication’s packaging after gaining access to your camera. Although not all medications are now available, there is the opportunity to manually search for them or look up the active ingredient.
The Health app’s Medications tab is accessible once it has been configured. At the top, a timeline and a list of the drugs you must take that day are displayed.

Safety using a passkey
Apple has introduced a new method in new iOS 16 for logging onto platforms, services, and applications in an effort to eliminate the need for passwords. With one-step account setup and sign-in using Face ID or Touch ID, saving and utilizing a passkey is quick and simple. Passkeys introduces a new end-to-end encrypted sign-in method that is resistant to phishing and data leaks. Passkeys are thus more secure than all other common two-factor authentication methods. They are also compatible with non-Apple devices.
Passkeys substitute cryptographic key pairs for passwords, making it more difficult for hackers to access your online accounts. Because “Passkeys are integrally associated with the app or website they were generated for,” according to Apple, the technique goes a long way toward preventing hackers. If you need to access websites or services on a separate device, you can use your iPhone to confirm your login. Source: Apple

iOS 16 is compatible with these devices:

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