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iPhone Screenshots stops working? Easy tips to Fix That Problem

Taking a screenshot on your iPhone is usually fast and painless, with the method varying depending on your particular model. In previous versions that have a Home button, it’s just a matter of pressing that and the on/off button at the same time. If you have an iPhone X, XS, XS Max or XR, you’ll need to press the side button and ‘volume up’ at the same time to capture the contents of the screen.

Causes iPhone screenshot issues
Sometimes things don’t work as expected and the standard method of taking a screenshot just isn’t doing the trick. Maybe one of the buttons is locked, or maybe there is another problem with the device that prevents what should be the basic functionality of the work. Don’t worry, as our troubleshooting guide below will guide you through some alternative methods to adjust that screenshot of your iPhone.

Find screenshots
Before you dive into fixes or alternatives, maybe the screenshot feature is working, but you don’t know where the screenshots go after taking one. Open the Photos app and see if they appear in the Photos (lower-left) section of the Photos app. You can also tap albums (at the bottom of the screen in the Photos app) and swipe up until you see the media types and tap the Screenshot label.

Initiate a forced restart of your iPhone
Before proceeding, it is best to force your device to restart and try to take a screenshot once it has been turned on again. Sometimes the simplest solution is the right one.

For older models that have a Home button, follow these steps to force your iPhone to restart.

Press and hold the Home button.

Then hold down the Suspend/Wake button at the top or side of the device. Do not release the Home button during this operation.

After about ten seconds, you will notice that the screen will turn black. Press and hold both buttons until the Apple logo appears, at which point you can drop and wait for the restart.

For newer models that don’t have a Home button, the process is slightly different, and it’s important to follow the instructions in the exact order below.

Press and release the volume up button.

Press and release the volume down button.

Hold down the side button for about ten seconds until the screen turns black. Press and hold this button until the Apple logo appears, at which point you can drop and wait for the restart.

After forcing a restart, try taking a screenshot again. If you still can’t do this, go to the next section of this troubleshooting guide.

Take screenshots using assistiveTouch
The iPhone’s AssistiveTouch features have been launched to help users with accessibility issues, allowing them to control their device through pinch, gestures, swipes and voice-activated commands. AssistiveTouch can be useful even if you have trouble taking screenshots through traditional methods. It can be enabled by following these steps.

Tap the Settings icon on your iPhone’s home screen.

The iOS configuration interface should now be displayed. Select the General option.

The general settings are displayed. Tap Accessibility.

Several accessibility options should be listed. Scroll down until you find the one called AssistiveTouch, which is located in the INTERACTION section. Select this option.

On the next screen, tap the button that accompanies the AssistiveTouch option to change it from white to green.

Then select Customize top-level menu.

Tap the plus button in the lower-right corner of the screen.
Now a new icon will be added to this screen, also another symbol. Tap this button.
You should see a list of accessibility features. Scroll down and select the one marked Screenshot, making sure it has a blue check mark next to it.

Tap Done in the upper-right corner of the screen. You should now see a screenshot option added to the top-level menu.

You’ll notice that an overlapping gray circular button overlaps your iPhone’s screen. Tap this new button at any time to open the AssistiveTouch interface.

To capture the contents of the screen, simply tap the Screenshot icon. The new image will be saved instantly to your camera roll.