IPS 1ms LG 32GQ950-B 32” UltraGear UHD 4K Nano monitor

Overall, the LG 32GQ950 monitor offers a highly respected HDR experience. The color volume and HDR color gamut are good, making for brilliant, realistic colors. The majority of the content is shown at the brightness level that the content author intended, and it also has an amazing peak brightness in HDR. Unfortunately, it has a poor local dimming feature and a low contrast ratio, which makes it difficult for brilliant highlights to stand out and causes substantial blooming in low-light conditions.

From the front, the LG 32GQ950 monitor has a slightly basic shape and size. It occupies a lot of room despite being narrow and wide. Although it has thin bezels on 3 sides, the top and side bezels have a lot of dead space between them and the first pixels, which is somewhat distracting.LG 32GQ950-B 4K monitorOverall, the LG 32GQ950 has good construction. Compared to earlier LG UltraGear monitors like the LG 27GP950-B, it feels a little more solidly constructed. It looks heavy and is far thicker than the majority of LG monitors. Even though the back is made of plastic, it feels strong and the base is durable.
Peak brightness in HDR is outstanding for the LG 32GQ950-B. It’s bright enough to give a compelling HDR gaming experience, and even most video content appears quite faithful to the creator’s intentions. Nevertheless, it fails to keep brightness levels high in huge, bright settings, and brightness gradually decreases over time. The PQ EOTF completely matches the target curve up until the peak brightness, after which there is a progressive roll-off that makes sure bright highlights are not at all crushed.

It’s hard to beat the LG 32GQ950 as a gaming monitor. Because of its fast refresh rate and exceptionally low input lag, it offers a responsive gaming experience with nearly no distracting blur behind moving objects. Additionally, it has a wide range of gaming features, such as FreeSync and G-SYNC Compatible variable refresh rates. Because it has two HDMI connections that offer HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, the PS5 and Xbox Series X may be used to their maximum potential.LG 32GQ950-B 4K monitor

For office users, the LG 32GQ950 is a good option. The big, high-resolution screen is excellent for multitasking because it allows you to work comfortably with several windows open at once and produces text that is incredibly clear. Thanks to its good ergonomics, you can easily put it in an optimal viewing position without needing to purchase a mounting arm. Although it has inadequate reflection handling, most rooms don’t have a problem because it becomes bright enough to block out glare.
The LG 32GQ950-B has an excellent response time at 144Hz on devices that don’t support the optional overclock as well as at 160Hz when it is enabled. The ‘Normal’ overdrive mode, which has a very fast response time and no obvious overshoot, produces the greatest performance in both scenarios. The ‘Fast’ setting has a more pronounced overshoot but a somewhat faster rise/fall time. The fastest speed, “Faster,” has substantially higher overshoot than the lower settings, like most displays, however with real content, the overshoot is nearly invisible. It is also one of the first monitors to receive a ClearMR 6000 tier certification under VESA’s new ClearMR certification program.LG 32GQ950-B MonitorAt all backlight levels, the backlight is almost flicker-free. The backlight is not dimmed using pulse width modulation (PWM), however there is a high-frequency flicker pattern when the brightness is set to “29” or below. It flickers at a frequency of roughly 1282 Hz below that setting, but it is barely audible and probably won’t annoy those who are sensitive to flicker.
The PS5 and this display are totally compatible. Because the firmware update that makes the PS5 capable of 1440p is currently in a closed beta test, it is not yet officially supported.LG 32GQ950-B 4K monitor

Watching videos is enjoyable on the LG 32GQ950 monitor. When watching videos with a small group of people, the huge, high-resolution screen and wide viewing angles provide a more immersive viewing experience. Due to its excellent peak brightness, glare isn’t a problem in a bright room despite its inadequate reflection treatment. Unfortunately, it’s not a good option for a dark room because of its poor local dimming function, low contrast ratio, and average black uniformity. When local dimming is turned on, there is a lot of blooming around bright objects. Photo: LG
Having a fast refresh rate of 160 Hz, the 32-inch LG 32GQ950-B 4K monitor is 32 inches in size. It is a product of LG’s UltraGear gaming monitor series, which includes a wide range of gaming characteristics. It is an updated model of the LG 27GP950-B with several enhancements, such as a new Advanced True Wide Polarizer, although it is not a direct replacement because of its larger screen. The fact that it is one of the few monitors on the market that handle HDMI 2.1’s full bandwidth makes it a fantastic option for PS5 or Xbox Series X gamers. LG 32GQ950-B 4K monitor price: $899.99

LG 32GQ950 monitor specs:LG 32GQ950-B 4K

    • Screen Size  31.5″
    • Display Type   IPS
    • Color Depth(Number of Colors):   1.07B
    • Response Time (GTG)   1ms (GtG at Faster)
    • Aspect Ratio   16:9
    • Resolution   3840 x 2160
    • Contrast Ratio    1000:1 (Typ.), 700:1 (Min.)
      • HDMI   Yes
      • DisplayPort   Yes
      • Headphone Out    Yes
      • USB Up-stream   YES(1ea/ver3.0)
      • USB Down-stream    YES(2ea/ver3.0)
      • NVIDIA G-Sync™    G-SYNC Compatible
      • Adaptive Sync   AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro
      • Black Stabilizer:    Yes
      • Dynamic Action Sync:    Yes
      • Crosshair:    Yes
      • Flicker Safe   Yes
      • Smart Energy Saving   Yes
      • Reader Mode    Yes
      • H/W Calibration (True Color Pro)    Yes
      • Color Calibrated     Yes
      • On Screen Control (OSC):    Yes
      • HDR (High Dynamic Range)    HDR 10
      • Nano IPS™ Technology    Yes
      • VESA DisplayHDR™    DisplayHDR™ 1000
      • HDR Effect    Yes
      • FPS Counter    Yes
      • FreeSync (Low Frame Compensation)   Yes
      • User Define Key    Yes
      • Advanced True Wide Pol.:   Yes
      • VRR:   Yes
      • Overclocking:   Yes
      • RGB LED Lighting:   Yes
      • Others (Feature)    Hexagon Lighting , 4-pole HP out
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