JBL Cinema SB250-Better sound for enjoying movies and music

In addition to conventional surround system, the company JBL has offered two-saundbar subwoofer kit from a new generation of Cinema series,SB250 and SB350 systems.
Due to the different forms of two devices which constitute audio system Cinema SB250 is delivered in a rather large, but relatively empty and light box. Orientation system to all customers, who are looking for a complete solution, is visible and associated equipment in which there is everything necessary to enjoy a good sound immediately after unpacking. The package contains instructions for connecting and commissioning the system power cords, one digital and analog audio cable, remote control and metal mounts for the set soundbar on the wall. Though it is the label and belonging to the same price range might conclude that JBL Cinema SB250 is the successor model of SB200, this is only partly true. Namely,unlike the one-piece SB200 soundbar is now ahead of us a two-part system consisting of a soundbar and subwoofer.jbl-cinema-sb250__

Look on the back indicates that the JBL thought about different options for positioning, because the connections are placed in the recess, with space for threading the cables on the lower and upper side, while the left and right of the slots set for the admission of the wall bracket. When it comes to connectivity, the user can use the digital optical and analog 3.5 mm input, as well as the possibility of wireless bluetooth connection. The revised and updated design concept brought a new setting transducers, JBL SB250 is equipped with two wideband drivers 55 millimeters in diameter and two 32-millimeter tweeter. The second part of the system represents a wireless subwoofer compact dimensions and proper form, which is carried out in a discreet black. Modest technical declaration does not provide details on the speaker units and individual power amplifiers, so we have to make do with the data on the total system power of 200 watts and a frequency range of 45 hertz to 20 kilohertz.

Positioned on the audio-video shelf, JBL SB250 operates compact and does not burden the space despite a width of over 83 centimeters. Connecting with wireless subwoofer with only one push of a button, we recommend that in the first days of use permanently move the subwoofer around the room to find the optimal position. Once set, the SB250 is extremely easy to use and really brings a huge improvement over the speakers of any TV. While watching movies soundtrack is highlighted and very dynamic, three-dimensional effects are well positioned.Unlike some competitors, who provide more detailed and sophisticated sound, with this kit the emphasis is on strength and massiveness kit SB250, with the TV with a larger diagonal, successfully transferred cinema atmosphere in the living room. Also, there is a noticeable difference between the Virtual Surround and stereo modalities, and during music playback in channel format gain greater focus and clearly outlined two-dimensional stage.jbl-cinema-sb250rear__

In addition to the good sound, Cinema SB250 brings useful extra features, such as the ability to learn the codes of other remote controls. This means that you will be able to control the soundbar with the remote from the TV, which will reduce clutter on the desk in the living room. Bluetooth connectivity lets you connect and play music directly from your smartphone or computer, and SoundShift allows quick and easy changeover between the TV and bluetooth devices.
It should be noted Harman Volume function that equalizes volume, which is very convenient to neutralize aggressively loud TV commercials, and independent volume control of subwoofer provides a certain degree of adjustment to sound the wishes and preferences of users.
At the end of this brief review, the unanimous conclusion is that Cinema SB250 is an excellent choice for users looking for better sound for enjoying movies, as well as for occasional music listening, with no complications related to the positioning and management system.

Stylish and elegant design.
Easy to use.
Full and loud sound.

A small number of connections.

Total system power: 200 W
Frequency response: 45 Hz – 20 kHz
Topology (per channel): 1×55 mm broadband, 1×32 mm tweeter
Digital audio inputs: 1x optical
Analog audio inputs: 1 x 3.5 mm
Optional: bluetooth
Dimensions (WxHxD): 831x78x65 mm
Weight: 2.8 kg
Sub topology: 1×165 mm bass
Subwoofer dimensions (WxHxD): 242x320x242 mm
Subwoofer weight: 4.8 kg
Price of the set: around 370 euros