JBL Partybox 310 – Powerful Bluetooth speaker – Review

The Partybox 310 is a portable Bluetooth speaker made by the electronics company JBL. It is designed for use at parties and other social gatherings, and features powerful sound and a built-in light show. It has a long-lasting battery, and can be easily connected to other devices using Bluetooth technology. It also has a range of inputs, including an auxiliary port and a USB port, so you can play music from a variety of sources. Overall, the Partybox 310 is a powerful and versatile speaker that is perfect for any party.
JBL PartyBox 310 brings together a 240-watt amplifier, a quad speaker array, and a bass reflex cabinet, and you’re guaranteed a deep, powerful sound that’s more than enough to start the party. This large-quantity party speaker not only goes stronger than your average Bluetooth speaker, but also goes much lower, bringing more than just club flavor to your personal place.
Doubles even more, wirelessly
For a larger party, simply connect a second PartyBox, wirelessly, using True Wireless Stereo (TWS). This doubles the sound and perfectly syncs the two PartyBoxes, for flawless sound throughout the room.
Sound effects for fun
Have fun with the built-in sound effects generator. Choose an air horn, applause, or even a whistle to make the crowd improve.JBL PartyBox 310The design of the JBL PartyBox 310 speaker is ideal for what you are trying to achieve.
It is a beveled rectangular case that can be easily placed on virtually any stable surface, and the position of the front tweeters allows the sound to project very well.
There are small rubber caps on the side, as well as at the bottom, so that the speaker can be configured horizontally or vertically.
Due to the assignment of the control panel at the top of the speaker, horizontal placement is quite practical. For this reason, I tend to leave the speaker standing vertically.
The speaker also weighs about 40 pounds, so carrying distances won’t necessarily be easy.JBL PartyBox 310JBL considered it in design. They added 2 smooth wheels to the bottom of the speaker, as well as an extensible handle to make transportation very easy.
Finally, the speaker has a total battery life of 18 hours, with a charging time of about 5.
This allows you to easily last through a full day of use.
Light show
With its full panel light show, The PartyBox 310 offers graphics to match the sound. The colored LEDs respond and rub to the music, matching the sound impact of the music. For easy dark control, built-in backlight makes it easy to find commands.
Party all night
With a battery that lasts up to 18 hours, PartyBox 310 continues to run all night. If you run out of juice, just plug it into the feed and keep the music coming.
Bluetooth connection
Bluetooth pairing makes it easy to connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop wirelessly. From a simple stream of playlists from your smartphone to a fully mixed professional setup streaming from a laptop, Bluetooth keeps the connection wireless.JBL PartyBox 310Like the PartyBox 300, there is an increase in bass, an up/down/pause volume, light sequencing, and power buttons.
However, JBL decided to release several new features, such as a karaoke mode, and various preset EQ settings to adjust the balance of the music.
Karaoke mode allows the microphone input to fit automatically, so the listening experience for the audience is a bit less cringey.
In addition to preset EQ options, there are manual settings for low, echo, and high/medium output. This is so that if the EQ settings are not to the best of your taste, you can set it up manually on your own.
In addition, light sequencing is somewhat synchronized with the music played, but it is not very obvious.
On the back of the speaker, there are microphone and guitar inputs.
The JBL PartyBox 310 speaker also has bluetooth and USB inputs, so you can connect a computer and play music directly from that.
Finally, there are built-in sound effects, but I very much doubt that anyone will use them.
Everything in everything, this speaker is loaded with effects and presets that differ from previous PartyBoxes.
The PartyBox 310 is packed with great features. It has the shape, design and power of the PartyBox 300, with many of the party-oriented features that come with The PartyBox 1000. For $500, it makes any group you meet much more fun.
Microphone and guitar inputs
For more live music action, you can also connect a microphone and guitar, so this PartyBox is ideal for intimate concerts, karaoke, and of course, party DJs.
USB playback and 3.5mm AUX inputs
If you prefer to keep the input source wired, the RCA and 3.5 mm inputs allow you to connect to a mixer or music source conventionally. A USB interface allows you to connect and play music stored from a USB media device.
Strong enough to handle it
IPX4 certified, the PartyBox offers splash-proof protection. Perfect for a poolside party or hot tub, the PartyBox 310 resists the elements.

Roll into place
The PartyBox 1000 is a bit of a beast, so to help you move it around, the wheels and a hidden handle make it easy to maneuver. Photo/Video:JBLJBL PartyBox 310

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Make every party a party on the max, with JBL PartyBox 310.

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