JVC KS-GA100 – Mobile Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

Keep your car’s air fresh and clean
No matter if you drive with pets, a cigarette smoker, or through places with plenty of pollen or pollution, the JVC KS-GA100 air purifier helps you breathe a lot easier. This sleek and stylish atmospheric cleanser fits in your car’s cupholder and gives you a bunch of advantages for your respiratory system. With a impressive high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system inside, this purifier will help to always keep irritating and probably unhealthy airborne nasties from making your travel time or roadtrip uncomfortable. It collects particles 2.5 microns and smaller, which stick around in the air much longer than larger sized particles, and can go straight into the lungs without being captured in nasal passages or some other bodily types of protection.

2 fan speeds and easy functioning
The JVC KS-GA100 air purifier comes with a 12-volt USB car charger and cable, so it’s all set to go out of the box. After sitting it vertical in your car’s cupholder and plugging it in, just wave your hand over the purifier’s top to activate the purifier’s fan at low speed. Another wave of your hand increases the fan speed to maximum, and a third wave turns the KS-GA100 off. LED lights show the fan speed. The fan pulls in dirty air, which passes through the HEPA filter and is removed as negative ions that deodorize your car’s interior for a cleaner smelling ride. Photo: JVC

Motion Activated Controls
Easily adjust the filtration speed with cirkel waves of your hand above the purifier. No touching required.
Wave once to enter low speed mode, then wave again to switch to high speed mode, which deodorize rapidly.
Doing this gesture a third time will turn off the unit.

Durable construction
The JVC KS-GA100 air purifier aluminum body guarantees long, rust-free general performance. A integrated USB port allows you charge your portable devices while the purfier is plugged in. It simply moves between vehicles or comes with you the next occasion you want to rent a car. JVC’s KS-10GAF replacement filter helps keep your purifier running efficiently as particle build up sets in. JVC suggests changing the filter every three to six months, and you can replace out the filter with no tools.

Mobile Air Purifier, HEPA Filter with 3-Stage Filtration & Ioniser, Capture 99.5% of airborne particles, Deodorize, Motion Activated Controls, Fits Vehicle Cup Holder – JVC KS-GA100 car air purifier price: $89.95


  • HEPA air purifier
  • 12 V / USB car charger (5 V / 2.4 A)
  • 31″ USB-to-DC cable
  • Safety precautions
  • Warranty card
  • Warranty information

JVC KS-GA100 air purifier specs:

HEPA Filter
Yes, High-performance High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter.
Ion Generator
Particulate Matter
PM2.5 capture rate of 99,5%.
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
Easy Operation
Yes, Motion activated controls.

Main Unit

Operating voltage
Power consumption
1.4 W (Weak) / 1.7 W (Strong)
66 mm
180 mm
0.36 kg
USB Car Charger
Operating voltage
12VDC ~ 24VDC
USB output
5VDC / 2.4A max.


USB-DC cable (0,7m)
USB Car charger
Replacement HEPA filter
KS-GA10F (Optional)
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