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Keyboard Review: Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment

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Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard

The construction quality of the Corsair K83 Wireless is excellent. It looks and feels similar to Logitech MX keys and is made of a mixture of metal and dense plastic. The keys, joystick, trackpad and volume roller feel solid and do not swing too much. The spacebar of our unit had a strange and narrow feel that created a feeling of almost empty and a small squeak when pressed. In some presses, it seemed that the air had been forced to leave the space around the key itself. We are not sure if this is for design or a problem with our specific unit. If you own this keyboard and have experienced it, let us know in the discussions.
The backlight of the K83 is outstanding. Although it has no RGB settings, each key is individually backlit with a white light. You can also adjust the brightness on the keyboard itself or within the included software. There are also LED lights surrounding the trackpad, which is a good touch.Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment KeyboardThe ergonomics of the Corsair K83 are very good. It’s a straight board with no palm rest included, though its flat, low-profile design means you probably won’t need it. Unfortunately, it is on a permanent tilt and has no tilt settings.
Corsair K83 Wireless has exceptional wireless versatility. It has a rechargeable battery and can be connected to two Bluetooth devices and a device via its proprietary USB receiver at the same time. This allows you to quickly switch between cameras, such as a laptop, TV, and phone.
Corsair K83 is a unique multimedia keyboard with lots of multiple inputs and controls. It has a trackpad on the right side with left/right click buttons under it, so you can easily move a cursor to a HOME Theatre PC or Smart TV from the couch. There’s also a unique joystick in the upper right corner, with left/right click buttons at the top right of the keyboard that can be used instead of the traditional trackpad. To the left of the joystick, there is a volume scroller and the F keys are duplicated as media control keyboard shortcuts.Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment KeyboardWhile the Corsair K83 is not designed for play, its keys have a very light driving force with pre-trip bass. Overall it looks pretty well built and doesn’t require too much space on a desk. Corsair’s iCUE software allows for a good amount of customization and you can set key macros and customize the backlight, which is great.
Corsair K83 is a good office keyboard. It’s nice and quiet, so you shouldn’t bother colleagues around you, and scissor switches are light enough not to cause fatigue after writing all day. Unfortunately, its ergonomics are just decent, as it doesn’t have adjustable tilt settings.
Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard is a excellent keyboard for mobile use. It can be connected to any bluetooth-enabled device and all major write keys will work on iOS or iPadOS, while each key works on Android. It’s pretty small and lightweight, although it’s not as pocket-sized as some other keyboards designed to work with phones.Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment KeyboardCorsair K83 is an impressive programming keyboard. Its scissor keys offer a good typing experience that should not cause fatigue after long coding sessions. The entire keyboard is backlit and you can set macros within the software, as well as customize the lighting options. Finally, the keyboard works well with all major operating systems. Photo:Corsair
Corsair k83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard is a unique multimedia keyboard that is designed to be used comfortably with a Smart TV while sitting on the couch. It has a built-in trackpad on the right side of the keyboard and also has a joystick in the upper right, with left/right mouse click buttons on the back, so you can browse your PC or Smart TV holding the keyboard with one hand. Overall it looks quite premium and offers a good writing experience. The keyboard has a white backlight, and its complementary software allows you to customize the lighting and key macros on both Windows and macOS.Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard

Keyboard Warranty  2 Year
Weight  0.48 kg
Keyboard Backlighting  WHITE
Keyboard Layout  NA
HID Keyboard Report Rate  1,000Hz
Key Switches  Ultra-low Profile Scissor
Matrix  77 Keys
Keyboard Connectivity   Wireless
Media Controls YN   Yes
Keyboard Type Size  K83 Wireless
Keyboard Product Family  K83 Wireless
Keyboard Rollover   20-Key Selective (20KRO) with Anti-Ghosting
Size(Full/TKL)  Compact
Wired Connectivity   USB 2.0 or 3.0 Type-A
Wireless Connectivity   1ms 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth 4.2
Battery Charging   USB to Device
On-Board Memory  Yes
WIN Lock  Dedicated Hotkey
Media Keys  Volume Roller, FN Shortcuts
Wrist Rest  Not supported
Keyboard CUE Software   Supported in iCUE
Keyboard Cable Type   Detachable
Keyboard Battery Life   Up to 18 hours at low brightness or 40 hours with backlighting off
Keyboard Battery Type   Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer   Up to 33ft (10m)
Keyboard Cable Material   Tangle-free rubber, flat

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