Keyboard review: Obinslab Anne Pro 2, perfect for gaming

The construction quality of the Obinslab Anne Pro 2 keyboard is excellent. Its frame is made of plastic but feels very solid and well built. The keys are PBT and feel solid, with a matte finish. All keys have a slight left and right wobly, but this is not noticeable as you type.
This keyboard has considerable wireless versatility. It connects via Bluetooth instead of a proprietary receiver, which means you don’t need a USB dongle if you have a bluetooth-enabled PC. You can also pair four devices to quickly switch between them, so it’s easy to answer text on your phone with the keyboard when you work on your computer.
The typing quality of this keyboard is excellent. While the keys feel a bit soft, they are very stable. Due to its compact size, the keyboard takes some getting used to it and can cause some muscle fatigue during longer typing sessions. Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is available in many different versions with many different types of key switches. Our unit uses Gateron Brown switches, which provide excellent tactile feedback which is a bit smoother and mushier than other Brown switches. They have a good amount of pre-trip and the overall trip is enough. This means that it should be more difficult to make typos, since you need to press the key long before it is pressed.Obinslab Anne Pro 2

The Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is an excellent gaming keyboard. It offers exceptional customization of its RGB lighting, as well as the ability to reprogram each key macro. It looks very well done and its driving and pre-trip strength is excellent. Unfortunately, its ergonomics are not noticeable due to its lack of tilt adjustments, palm rests and a below-average key size, although this may not be too annoying for everyone.
Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is a great keyboard for mobile or tablet use. It can be connected to any device via Bluetooth, although unfortunately it does not work with Android. While it’s a small keyboard, it’s pretty thick and won’t be the most portable option. On the plus side, it can be paired with four devices at once, which is excellent, and charged via USB-C.Obinslab Anne Pro 2The Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is an excellent keyboard for programming. It comes in an extremely wide range of switch options depending on your personal preferences, and the Gateron Brown switches we test offer a great typing experience. It works with most operating systems and every button can be programmed on macros, which is great. Unfortunately, its ergonomics are quite middling due to its lack of tilt or palm rest settings and its slightly small keys.ezgif 5 116657bd3951The Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is a great keyboard for mixed use. While it is designed for gaming, its ability to reprogram each key with macros and good compatibility makes it ideal for programming as well. Its high writing quality makes it a decent choice even for office use, although unfortunately its small keys, lack of arrow buttons, and no tilt settings mean that its ergonomics are only adequate. Although it is a small keyboard, it may also not be the best for mobile use as it is quite thick and heavy and does not work on Android at all.
The Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is an amazing gaming keyboard. This 60% compact keyboard feels very well built and looks stylish in most computer configurations. Each key on it can be fully programmed and has fully customizable RGB lighting behind each key. Photo:ObinsObinslab Anne Pro 2 While this keyboard is available with a wide variety of switch options, our unit uses Gateron Brown switches, which provide a good amount of feedback and travel without being loud and offer the keyboard an excellent typing experience overall. Unfortunately, small size can cause fatigue after long typing sessions, and the lack of direction keys can annoy some.

Obinslab Anne Pro 2 keyboard Specifications:

Brand Obinslab
Model Anne Pro 2
Size 60%
Switch Stems MX
Physical Layout ANSI
Logical Layout US QWERTY
Frame Color Black
Frame Top Material Plastic
Frame Bottom Material Plastic
Primary LED Color RGB
Control LED Color RGB
USB Key Rollover Full
Multimedia Keys Yes
Switch Mount Type Plate
Built in Audio Port No
Built in Mic Port No
Interface(s) Wireless, USB-C
Windows Compatible Yes
Mac Compatible Yes
Linux Compatible Yes
Dimensions 3.82″ x 11.18″ x 0.79″
Weight 1.40 lbs
Cord Length 70 inches
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