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Krita is a free and open source painting and illustration graphics software suite that works great for those with a creative side.
Although many people use expensive software like Adobe Photoshop these days, Krita is a great alternative with their niche. It can be used to create all different types of art and illustrations, including those of designers, game creators or cartoons. Some of its features rival that of commercial juggernauts.
Krita’s design looks familiar, with a number of different drawing tools on the left, similar to Photoshop. The menu at the top has what you’re already used to with menu items like File, Edit, View, Picture, Layer, Select, Filter, Tools, Settings, Window, and Help; quite similar to Photoshop.
With all the similarities to Adobe Photoshop out of the way, Krita has a number of tools that actually seem more intuitive than its business counterparts; It comes with 9 preset brushes to paint images like a pen, marker, pencil, etc.Krita is an excellent image editing and painting softwareKrita’s Image menu gives you access to different image manipulation tools such as mirror, flip, rotate, sharp image, color space conversion, image splitting, and more. The layer menu is part of what the image menu does and more, as you would expect from specific layer editing options.
As a powerful image editor, Krita also provides a number of built-in filters such as artistic effects, blur, sharpness, and various enhancements.

Krita has an easy-to-use interface. From the settings menu, you can choose the color theme, which toolbars and couplers you want to use, and change keyboard shortcuts. Save a particular set of couplers as a workspace and switch between workspaces. The canvas can be easily rotated and reflected. The OpenGL canvas supports high bit depth monitors. There is a wide set of options available to create a painting mode only on canvas without distractions.

Wraparound mode
Now it’s easy to create seamless textures and patterns. Press the ‘W’ button during painting to turn winding mode on or off. The image will refer to itself along the X and Y axis. Continue painting and you will see how all references are updated instantly. No more clumsy scrolls to see how the image is repeated. You can also paint from the edge and it will automatically start painting on top. It’s one of those features that you need to see for yourself.

Digging a little deeper reveals many different gems within Krita, and those with artistic leanings may be tempted to spend a little more time playing with Krita’s image enhancement tools and features.
Krita is an excellent image editor and is very useful for preparing images for our posts. It is easy to use, very intuitive and its features and tools offer all the options we may need.
In addition, Krita allows us to customize the entire interface so that we can put my favorite tools in an accessible place. It has many easily configurable options, even with the right click of the mouse, which helps save time in editing.

In addition, it is quite light software, so I can edit images without being delayed and be compatible with practically any format, I can export my work as I need.
Overall, Krita is an excellent image editing and painting software that is fully capable of providing artists and designers with many free tools that otherwise cost a lot. Download Krita software HERE
Krita can add text to an image, apply special effects to an image, create web graphics, and create and edit layers.Photo/Video:Krita software

Features and highlights:

Intuitive user interface
Stabilizing brush to soften it
Choose your color and brush by right-clicking the canvas
More than 9 unique brush motors
Create seamless textures and patterns
Import brush and texture packs from other artists
Highly configurable interface
Wraparound mode
Resource Manager
Drawing assistants
Duplication tools
Level management
Layer masks
Full color management
Improved OpenGL

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