LED QHD G-Sync Gaming Monitor – MSI G274QPF-QD

The MSI G274QPF-QD is an affordable gaming monitor that offers a solid gaming experience. It features a low input lag for quick responsiveness, along with a 170Hz refresh rate and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) to minimize screen tearing. However, it has a low contrast ratio and poor black uniformity, which makes deep blacks appear grayish and cloudy in dim lighting. Despite good motion handling across its VRR range, there can still be some blurriness.

Design-wise, the MSI G274QPF-QD has a black plastic body that looks plain from the front, but more gaming-oriented from the back. Its stand is compact, allowing you to position a keyboard or mouse close to the monitor without taking up much space. The build quality is solid, with the plastic body and stand providing sturdy support.

MSI G274QPF-QD – images: MSI

In terms of HDR performance, the monitor’s brightness is adequate, but it doesn’t quite achieve the vivid highlights that HDR typically offers. This is due to an early roll-off in the EOTF curve as the monitor approaches peak brightness, limiting the intensity of highlights. Additionally, many settings are locked when the monitor is in HDR mode, including brightness controls.

The monitor’s refresh rate compliance is generally acceptable. The ‘Normal’ overdrive setting offers consistent performance across various refresh rates, while the ‘Fast’ setting is better suited for high refresh rates but performs worse at lower rates. The ‘Fastest’ setting has an extremely high CAD, exceeding chart limits, indicating high overshoot.

For console gaming, the MSI G274QPF-QD has low input lag and decent motion handling at 120Hz and 60Hz. However, it suffers from some blur and lacks HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, preventing it from fully leveraging the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Compatibility issues with Xbox are also reported, and its limited picture quality due to the low contrast ratio and absence of local dimming restricts image realism.

For office use, the monitor is suitable due to its brightness levels that overcome glare and its good reflection handling. The 27-inch screen is large enough for multitasking with multiple windows, and the monitor’s ergonomic design allows for customizable positioning. However, pixel inversion can cause occasional discoloration, which might be distracting. Additionally, the minimum brightness could be too high for dark-room use.

The MSI G274QPF-QD is a 27-inch gaming monitor with a 1440p resolution that fits into the budget-friendly category. While it’s part of MSI’s G series for entry-level gaming, this model stands out because it includes a quantum dot layer that enhances HDR color performance. It supports FreeSync VRR, is G-SYNC compatible, and offers a 170Hz refresh rate. Unlike many other budget gaming monitors, this one comes with a USB-C connection that supports DisplayPort Alt Mode and provides 15W of power delivery. It also has extra gaming features like “night vision,” which adjusts the brightness to improve visibility, and “screen assistance,” which adds crosshair overlays to help with aiming.

Comparing the MSI G274QPF-QD with the Gigabyte M27Q (rev. 1.0), both are 27-inch gaming monitors with similar overall performance. However, the Gigabyte performs better in well-lit environments because it has a significantly higher SDR brightness. Additionally, it provides superior motion handling, making it a better choice for fast-paced games. On the other hand, the MSI G274QPF-QD has a broader HDR color gamut, allowing it to display more vibrant and realistic colors in HDR content.


In a comparison between the MSI G274QPF-QD and the MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD, both are similar 27-inch gaming monitors, but the MAG274QRF-QD generally offers a better experience. It has improved black uniformity, resulting in less cloudiness in dark scenes, and it provides more vivid HDR colors. It also has a faster response time, leading to sharper images when objects move quickly.

The MSI G274QPF-QD is suitable for media creation to an extent. Its 27-inch screen size allows you to work with multiple windows simultaneously, and it has excellent ergonomics, enabling you to adjust it for comfort during long editing sessions. It offers good color accuracy out of the box, though it tends to oversaturate colors, so calibration is required for optimal accuracy. One drawback is an issue with pixel inversion, which can cause screen elements to appear discolored, potentially affecting editing work or becoming a distraction.

The MSI G274QPF-QD is a 27-inch, 1440p budget gaming monitor ($269.99) with a 170Hz refresh rate and FreeSync VRR support. It also offers G-SYNC compatibility and a unique quantum dot layer for improved HDR color performance. The monitor has a USB-C connection with DisplayPort Alt Mode support and 15W power delivery, along with gaming features like night vision for better visibility in dark scenes and screen assistance for crosshair overlays.

Compared to the Gigabyte M27Q (rev. 1.0), the MSI G274QPF-QD has a wider HDR color gamut, providing more realistic colors for HDR content. However, the Gigabyte is brighter in SDR and has better motion handling, making it ideal for fast-paced games. Against the MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD, the G274QPF-QD is similar, but the MAG274QRF-QD has better black uniformity and faster response times.

For media creation, the G274QPF-QD has a large screen and excellent ergonomics, but it may require calibration for accurate color representation. A drawback is potential pixel inversion, causing discoloration that might distract during editing or general use. Overall, the monitor offers solid features for gaming and general use, but some issues may affect certain applications.MSI G274QPF-QD