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The LG OLED Flex, a 42-inch TV popularly used as a monitor, is a recent addition to LG’s OLED lineup. Its standout feature is the customizable curvature of the screen, ranging from a flat display to an impressive 900R curve. This flexibility caters to various preferences, whether for immersive movie-watching from a distance or for intense gaming with the edges brought closer to your field of vision. Distinguishing itself as a TV, it incorporates features uncommon in monitors, such as the α9 Gen 5 AI Processor 4K, webOS smart platform, and eARC for audio passthrough. However, it lacks certain typical monitor elements like a DisplayPort connection and a high refresh rate, yet compensates with HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, fully capitalizing on the capabilities of current-gen gaming consoles.

The build quality is top-notch, featuring a solid stand that prevents screen wobbling and maintains stability during adjustments, albeit requiring a bit of force. The curvature mechanism, while producing some creaking sounds, ensures a secure placement, although our unit exhibits a slight warp in the center visible from the sides, but inconspicuous when viewed head-on.

LG 42 OLED Flex
LG 42 OLED Flex – images: LG

The LG OLED Flex 42LX3QPUA boasts a unique design amalgamating TV and monitor elements, adorned with a sleek metallic finish. Its robust stand incorporates mechanics for adjusting the screen curvature, allowing users to set it from flat to a 900R curve in 5% increments. The display retains its previous curvature upon powering on, despite returning to a flat state when turned off.

In terms of SDR brightness, it performs adequately but faces limitations when labeled as ‘PC’, struggling against intense glare. Optimal usage is in dark or dimly lit rooms. Adjusting settings in the ‘Game Optimizer’ Picture Mode and enabling Game Optimizer, with specific OLED Pixel Brightness and Peak Brightness configurations, provides calibrated results. Setting the input label to ‘PC’ eliminates brightness fluctuations caused by the Automatic Brightness Limiter (ABL), maintaining consistent brightness across different scenes.

For gaming, the LG 42 OLED Flex impresses with low input lag, offering a responsive experience when using the ‘Game Optimizer’ Picture Mode, enabled Game Optimizer, and ‘Boost’ for Prevent Input Delay. While ‘Standard’ mode increases input lag, it remains acceptable for general use. The display excels with the Xbox Series X|S, although enabling HDMI override for 1440p @ 60Hz sacrifices VRR, recommending the use of 1440p @ 120Hz with VRR enabled.

As a gaming monitor, the LG 42 OLED Flex stands out with its HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, ensuring compatibility with current-gen gaming consoles. Despite limitations for PC gamers, such as the absence of a high refresh rate or DisplayPort connection, it compensates with near-instantaneous response time, low input lag, and variable refresh rate (VRR) support, promising a seamless gaming experience. Furthermore, its prowess in dark room gaming, characterized by deep blacks and impeccable black uniformity, adds to its appeal.

The LG 42 OLED Flex caters well to content creators, although it comes with certain limitations. The susceptibility of OLEDs to burn-in means constant display of static elements from editing software may harm the panel over time. Nevertheless, it excels in presenting a broad spectrum of accurate colors in SDR, and its expansive viewing angles maintain consistent image quality from various perspectives. However, its ergonomic flexibility is restricted, posing challenges when attempting to share the screen with colleagues or clients.LG 42 OLED Flex remote

In the realm of HDR, the LG 42 OLED Flex truly shines. With commendable peak brightness, it accentuates small highlights, faithfully rendering content at the intended brightness levels. The display’s HDR performance extends to a vibrant array of colors, enhanced by its impressive color volume. The near-infinite contrast ratio ensures deep, inky blacks, coupled with impeccable black uniformity, making it an exceptional choice for experiencing HDR content in dimly lit environments.

As an office monitor, the LG 42 OLED Flex performs adequately but comes with a caveat. The inherent risk of burn-in with prolonged exposure to static elements, such as UI components like taskbars or icons, makes it less advisable for continuous office use. However, for occasional productivity tasks, its wide viewing angles and superb reflection handling prove beneficial, even though its SDR brightness in PC mode may struggle against intense glare.

For media consumption, the LG 42 OLED Flex stands out as a fantastic choice. The 42-inch 4K screen provides an immersive experience for shared content viewing, accompanied by wide viewing angles. Its built-in smart platform facilitates easy content streaming without the need for a PC, and it boasts additional processing features not commonly found in monitors. Notably, the display excels in delivering excellent picture quality, characterized by deep blacks, accurate colors, and vibrant highlights.

LG 42 OLED Flex
LG 42 OLED Flex

Experience uninterrupted gaming with the Game Dashboard seamlessly overlaying your screen, allowing you to effortlessly discover the perfect screen size for your game. Immerse yourself in scenes presented in 27, 32, or 42 inches—tailored to suit the nuances of your favorite gaming genre. Engage in multitasking with Multi-view, splitting the screen into halves for gameplay on one side while watching game guides on the other.

Achieve the most immersive viewing position by adjusting the height up to 140mm and tilting the screen 10 degrees forward or 5 degrees backward. Whether confronting enemies or unwinding with a movie, finding the optimal spot for victory or relaxation is just a slight move away. Priced at $2,499, this gaming experience is tailored to your preferences.

Customize your gaming ambiance with adjustable backlight colors and explore five lighting modes to match your gaming mood. The Sound Sync feature synchronizes effects with the in-game audio, intensifying the impact of colossal explosions. Video Sync further deepens your connection to the gaming world by aligning with the graphics.

The LG OLED Flex takes you from a flat display to a stunning 900R curve, allowing you to discover the perfect arc for total immersion. Simply press the curvature button on your remote control to explore 20 different levels of curvature until you find the ideal setting.

Equipped with SAR technology, the LG OLED Flex 42LX3QPUA minimizes reflections from surrounding light, objects, and people, offering 25% fewer distractions compared to other OLED EVO models. Even in well-lit spaces, enjoy gaming with reduced shadows on the screen, enhancing your focus and overall experience.


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