Logitech SetPoint – modify the layout of your keyboard and mouse

For configuring keyboards and mouse, Logitech offers SetPoint. You have the option to modify how the button presses are handled.
To distinguish your mouse clicks or keyboard keys from the default actions, for instance, you can assign them functions.

Although these two basic devices function quite well without a driver, you should try them and compare the results because there are some differences.

Logitech SetPoint
Photo: Logitech

Customizable gaming controls via an app
The majority of users will mostly use this application to configure their keyboard and mouse for gaming. You may make presets with the program that you can use with particular apps and games. By doing this, you can totally alter the configuration of your peripherals to suit your needs.

The built-in app will show all the information required, including Caps Lock and Num Lock as well as the laptop battery status.

With the application, you may configure settings to automatically take effect when a game or program is launched.
With this setup, you won’t have to spend additional time setting up your keyboard and mouse configurations before you can start the game.
Personalize the keyboard and mouse layout
You can modify the layout of your keyboard and mouse using Logitech SetPoint’s essential settings. You can enter new data into the program, but you can also copy it from another source and paste it there.
Additionally, you may configure your scrolling and other pointing buttons as well as Charms.
The intuitive user interface of this program is another another plus. The app has a very clean appearance and ought to be easy enough to use for the majority of users.
You can utilize the additional information and documentation to modify the settings however you see fit.

Although configuring the application is a simple process, the developer made sure to include enough instructions in the program to ensure that all queries are addressed. The majority of the software’s advantages go to users with five-button mouse. This means that there are more features on your mouse than just the left, right, and middle clicks.

Generally, this kind of mouse is created for gamers who want to play more effectively. Tilt-wheel mouse are another type of devices that can use SetPoint software. Typical applications that use them are Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint, two classic Windows desktop programs.
To sum up, Logitech SetPoint is an app which helps you modify the settings for your Logitech peripherals, such your keyboard and mouse.
Because it automatically recognizes the games and runs the setting, it’s especially ideal for gamers.

Functions and advantages of SetPoint:
Hotkeys available for use
F-keys that operate in your favor
the lock keys being blocked
Battery inspection
Increasing the exclusiveness of structural features

Download Logitech SetPoint app HERE


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