Logitech Z337 Bluetooth speakers-Amazing sound quality for a solid price

Most of the affordable Bluetooth speakers are All-in-One devices, but Logitech has decided to cram the Bluetooth stand into a pair of 2.1 desktop speakers, resulting in Z337. This great set of speakers includes two small free speaker blocks coupled with a larger subwoofer, along with a wired volume knob to control everything.

Aesthetically, it’s all simple matte black and gray, with blue accent that actually makes the Bluetooth logo an amazing welcome addition to the front of the speakers, which recline at a very light angle. Everything is quite isolated-they don’t exactly call these elegant-but it works in an attractive minimalist way.


The most orderly trick of Logitech Z337 is that it will perfectly support both wired and wireless connections simultaneously. This means that you can keep it connected to your desktop or laptop for games or TV, and then pair it with your phone to control the music remotely without having to tinker about the interchange between the connections.

Logitech Z337 technical specifications:
Total watts (RMS) 40W
Subwoofer 24 Watts
Satellites 2 x 8 Watts
Bluetooth version 4.1
Reliable 15-meter line of sight range
3.5mm input 1
RCA input 1
Headphone jack 1
Controls: Bluetooth pairing, power and volume control on wired control pod; bass control on back of subwoofer


To sum up, what really matters: the Logitech Z337 sound quality. As you might have imagined with that high subwoofer, there is a lot of attention to the bass, which makes these speakers very solid for games or watching movies. The media and the highs can get lost a bit, but that’s a great sound for the price. The sound quality is consistent through volumes-although we dared not push it anywhere near its strongest, it should be more than enough for most configurations.

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