Mercedes AMG C43 Coupe – Performance and POWER

Looks like Mercedes Benz is as well a little bit confused about the C43, which was actually a sportier type of a C400 and badged C450 AMG Sport.
What exactly has not changed is a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 that makes 28 per cent fewer bubbles than the C63’s fullfizz 375kW 4.0-litre dual-snail V8.Watch it with a half-glass-full attitude,although, and with 270kW
and 520Nm the C43’s outputs nearly identically match those of the ten years old C55 AMG – in the good old days
when a Benz badge was actually associated to engine ability.AMG C Coupe

A run in the Coupe version of precisely what will at some point comprise four body styles shows a good engine.While
it can only launch the C43 to within seven-tenths of its angrier sibling in the 0-100 sprint regardless of the advantage
of the 4Matic system, the 4.7-second quote matches its most direct competitor -the 260kW/500Nm Audi S4/S5.
Maximum torque arrives at 2000rpm, though low-rev throttle
response is doughy in Comfort mode so a turn to mid-mode Sport or top-mode Sport Plus is necessary to fire up the most desirable response from the six-cylinder.

There is a delectable raspiness to the engine even if it’s not as omnipresent as the C63’s V8, but the most AMG-like
noises arrive from the Performance exhaust that’s part of a $4990 Performance Ergonomics Package
option. It ensures the AMG C43 Coupe burbles on the over-run and pops and crackles on flat-out up-shifts.
Those adjustments from the nine-speed auto are crisp and fast without related the cruelly rapidity of
big-brother’s seven-speeder.AMG C Coupe

Much less tolerable is the auto’s reluctance to down-shift from third to second for hairpins on command,and its
determination to change up 250rpm shy of the 6500rpm redline even if the manual shift mode button has
been involved.
If this is naughtiness of the wrong wide variety for an AMG, the C43 is also a
little too professional and polite on the highway.Mercedes says there is a rear prejudice to the all-wheel
drive system, though power over-steer is definitely not widely offered on tap,detracting from the
untouched sportiness of the fresh model.While it‘s tempting to call this an
AMG with training wheels, owing to its expected rather than playful handling which usually verges towards light
understeer on the limit, the C43’s flexibility still impresses – as does its
superb grip out of corners.And on rainy days, that AWD system is a desired USP for a
rapidly piloted C-Class.

The suspension is nearly similar to the C63’s,give or take what Mercedes says are some minimal
calibration differences.Yet while even in Comfort there’s the familiar extra-stiff set-up,that’s neither a
back-breaker nor deal-breaker,some floatiness over compressions implies the C43’s dampers aren’t
quite as disciplined across undulating country roads.
That firm drive certainly is not the only aspect providing at least the sensation
of being in the flagship AMG.The previously mentioned Ergonomics Pack also delivers the C63’s Recaro-style
Performance seats and its flat-bottomed leather-micro-fibre steering wheel – albeit without the contrasting
grey centring stripe.AMG C Coupe
And the chequered flag-design AMG instrument cluster is normal
among the now-familiar up-market presentation of the C-Class cabin.
The AMG C43 gains head-up display,deeper trim details,a sun-roof and LED smart headlights.The Coupe and
Cabriolet versions include heated seats
over the sedan and wagon versions.

Mercedes not surprisingly has to protect the more expensive AMG,particularly as it carries a premium
of more than 50 per cent more than the $105,615 C43 Coupe.

Recaro-style seats are part of an extra-cost option package.
Coupe seats are heated too.

ENGINE 2996cc V6 DOHC twin turbo
POWER 270kW @ 5500-6000rpm
TORQUE torque 520Nm @ 2000-4200rpm
WEIGHT 1870kg / 0-100KM/H 4.7sec (claim)
PRICE $105,615


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