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Mercedes-Benz S-Class gets new engines

The Stuttgart brand is expanding the chain offer for S class, and with three new units – regular six-cylinder diesel and gasoline, as well as the V8 biturbo petrol engine. These new engines deliver “revolutionary” technologies, such as integrated starter-generator (ISG) and the electrical system of 48 volts.

The new V8 replaces the existing eight-cylinder unit from S500, and it is, according to Mercedes, one of the most fuel efficient V8 engine in the world. Codenamed M176, this unit has a cylinder deactivation feature that can exclude up to four cylinders and contribute to fuel economy by ten percent compared to the current engine. In addition, engineers were turbochargers reposition between the rows of cylinders.mercedesengines__

The new biturbo V8 delivers 476 hp and 700 Nm from 4.0 liters. What is interesting is that a revised S500 get a soot filter as a standard component of next year,. Mercedes is among the pioneers when it comes to this technology, which uses a material called cordierite.

Petrol six-cylinder engine, M256, uses an innovative electrical system of 48 volts and turbo charger with auxiliary electric compressor with an integrated starter-alternator. ISG provides a hybrid operation, such as a temporary increase in power or energy recovery, while achieving fuel savings, which were previously reserved for high-voltage hybrid technology.mercedes-newengines__

Mercedes has not released the exact specifications that the engine performance is concerned, but the 3.0-liter straight six delivers 408 hp and over 500 Nm. Compared to the V6 it replaces, emits about 15 percent less CO2.

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