Methods That Simply Protect you against smartphone addiction

When you take a look at your smartphone for THIRTY secs and access some apps for no good reason then you should think for. If the mobile phone is the first top priority of your life, you need to back off right now. Let’s find out some successful methods to prevent this addiction so that you can concentrate on your happiness.

Modify Notifications Settings:

In fact, smartphones are developed to check notifications frequently. Therefore, it’s very evident people get addicted to it quite easily and faster.Even wanting you rarely can stop checking out those notifications. Definitely, you can stop notifications alert by going into particular application info on Android. Go to Options and head to Notification center. So, make certain you’re turning off those app’s notifications those are truly not important.get rid of smartphone addiction09Remove Unnecessary Applications:

Your smartphone is rich with many applications like FB, messenger, games and much more. But every you have on your phone is seriously necessary? So, get rid of out all those unnecessary apps for now. Therefore, it will not only give you some free time, but also free space on your device.

Set a Limit For Mobile phone Usage:

A limitation in almost everything is required. So, set the length of time to use your smartphone. For example, while you’re having your meals, when you’re with your close friends or you’re in social events. You’ve to decide when you will use the mobile phone and when you won’t.

Turn Off Phone Before Going To Rest:

Many of us go to bed with the mobile phone in their hands. We check out our social apps or websites, play games and listen to music for hours in the smartphone just before going to sleep. But, using electronic devices before bed is really dangerous to our health. It will be a much better move if you simply switch off your phone or continue to keep it on silent mode, keep it far away from the bed and it will also allow you a much better good night sleep.smartphone addictionUse Third-Party Applications:

There are a lot of apps available on Play Store to manage mobile phone consumption. So, you can enable Rescue Time and App Detox functions on your smartphone. Such apps are going to monitor your usage and place limit when needed. One of my preferred Android apps called BreakFree available on Google Play Store. It offers you information about your usage and applications which are using most of the time. For iOS users, this type of app is going to come shortly on iTunes.

Don’t Buy High-class Mobile phone:

A high-class device may be a trend these days. But there is hardly any need to get all those feature-rich mobile phones which are also complicated to use. You simply go for a smartphone which satisfies up with your requirements neither the mobile phone which will probably confuse you and seeks your precious time.

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