Microsoft Surface Studio-offers 63% more pixels than a 4K

Microsoft’s top of the range Surface Studio – which offers 63% more pixels than a 4K television.The $4699 device – aimed at the high end creative industry – including designers, engineers, developers, and photographers – includes the “thinnest LCD monitor ever built”.

“With a stunning ultra-HD 4.5K screen, Surface Studio delivers 63 percent more pixels than a state-of-the-art 4K TV,” Microsoft said in a statement.

“Surface Studio works beautifully with pen, touch and Surface Dial – a new input device designed for the creative process that lets you use two hands

on the screen to compose and create in all new ways.

The 28-inch PixelSens Display offers “13.5 million pixels of pure, true-to-life color”.

It has a Zero Gravity Hinge which allows the screen to easily adjust to each stage of the creative process.

“When the screen transitions from Desktop Mode to Studio Mode, it sits at a 20-degree angle, the same angle as a standard drafting board, making it ideal for sketching, writing and designing,” Microsoft said.

Surface Dial integrates with Windows 10 to work with Surface to scroll, zoom and navigate.

When you place the Dial directly on the screen, it brings up a set of digital tools specific to the app that is open, allowing people to more seamlessly move through their workflow.surfacestudio