Monitor Review: Dell U2719D, Perfect size/resolution/color – Top quality

Dell UltraSharp 27″ is a good, high quality, gaming monitor. It has an excellent response time and a low input delay, but lacks advanced gaming features like FreeSync or G-SYNC. The 1440p display, 27th” allows you to see finer details in your favorite games, which is great.

The monitor has a modern, streamlined look with thin bezels on all sides. A thin black panel border around the image and a very thin hard plastic exterior component make up the “4-side borderless” dual-stage design. The bezels measure 8mm (0.31 inches) at the bottom and 7mm (0.28 inches) at the top and sides when both components are taken into account. The width of the bottom bezel, which slopes downward in the direction of the back, is approximately 13mm (0.51 inches). The base is a rather small rectangular shape with a matte silver plastic finish, while the stand neck is matte black plastic. The screen itself dominates the front of the device, with the usage of a medium (or “relatively light”) matte anti-glare surface.

Dell U2719D Monitor

Dell U2719D is a very good monitor for office use. It has decent viewing angles, and the 27th 1440p display offers a good amount of real estate screen. The stand has a great ergonomics, and can be easily adjusted to an ideal display position. The Dell U2719D offers exceptional image quality as a result of careful factory calibration by the manufacturer. With an average accuracy of DeltaE 1.5, the screen can provide 100% sRGB along with a few mild shade extensions, which is excellent for a multipurpose display. Using the Standard option will reduce the gamut volume to 99%, but you can tighten it up to more.

Given the panel type, the contrast performance was mainly what we anticipated. Some peripheral detail was degraded by a moderate amount of “IPS glow,” especially in the bottom corners. The static contrast hovered around 1000:1, with some variance depending on the settings. In contrast to VA and TN panels, where the amount of detail varies significantly depending on the area of the screen you’re looking at, there were no obvious gamma irregularities across or up and down the screen with this model. Overall, the contrast performance was acceptable. Due to the screen surface’s medium “relatively light” matte anti-glare treatment, it differs from other recent 25-27″ WQHD UltraSharps. This causes the image to have a small misty graininess and is not nearly as smooth or bright.

Because the Dell U2719D lacks FreeSync support, G-Sync compatibility and silky smooth frames with an AMD GPU are not possible. There are no gaming functions on the model because it is clearly designed for semi-pro or combined use. For a 60Hz QHD monitor, input lag is minimized to a remarkable 6ms, so a joyful casual gaming session is still possible.
Dell U2719D is a decent monitor for most uses. The great support and wide viewing angles are ideal for office work, and the 1440p, 27″ display is ideal for gaming or multitasking. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look so good in a dark room and has some additional features.Dell U2719D Monitor

Dell Ultrasharp U2719D is a excellent 1440p IPS monitor with high ergonomics, wide viewing angles and exceptional accuracy. It’s a simple 60Hz monitor, with no advanced gaming features, such as FreeSync or G-SYNC. It has a wide selection of inputs, including a 4-port USB hub, and can be chained to a second monitor. Unfortunately, like most IPS monitors, it can’t produce deep, uniform blacks, which is particularly noticeable in a dark room.

Dell U2719D Monitor

Dell U2719D is a very decent monitor for creating media. The high-resolution display allows you to see more of you working at once, and wide viewing angles and revolving function make it easy to share your work with colleagues or your customers. It also has an excellent range of SDR colors, but only decent coverage of Adobe RGB’s larger color space, which is not ideal for professional photo editing. Photo:Dell

Dell Ultrasharp U2719D offers excellent ergonomics. It has a good height adjustment, an excellent range of rotation and a great range of tilt. You can also rotate to the vertical orientation, which is ideal for multi-monitor configurations. The Dell U2719D is an excellent addition to the UltraSharp line overall. Some minor complaints include the fact that a lighter and smoother matte screen surface would have been better, that our sample had some uniformity concerns, and that a 60Hz refresh rate with mild overclockability is fairly limited for fast-paced gaming. However, if you’re okay with the refresh rate, this is a strong competitor. Dell Ultrasharp U2719D monitor has a good and practical design, strong performance right out of the box, and a variety of useful OSD options.

Connectivity Options – Dell U2719D

Ports & Slots:
1. AC power connector | 2. HDMI connector | 3. DP connector (in) | 4. DP connector (out) | 5. Audio line-out port | 6. USB upstream port | 7. USB downstream ports (x1 with Power Charging) | 8. Stand lock | 9. USB downstream Ports (x1 with Power Charging)

Dell U2719D MonitorDell Ultrasharp U2719D


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