MSI X299 chipset for ultimate gaming performance

The X299 chipset is the progression of the X99 chipset, supporting up to 44 PCIe 3.0 lanes ,quad channel DDR4-2666 memory,10x USB 3.1 ports, assist for Intel’s trail-blazing Optane memory, DMI 3.0 and updated Turbo Max Boost 3.0 technology.

MSI has a historical past of invention and industry first. MSI released the world’s first RGB motherboards, broke the 5GHz DDR4 memory barrier, was first to present on-board thermal choice for M.2 SSDs, and was first company to include things like Killer xTrend and ASMedia 3142 USB 3.1 Gen2 support chips. MSI’s Z270 variety of motherboards received more than 250 prizes in the first half of 2017 alone.Carrying on with the tradition of quality,MSI is taking the power the brand new Intel X299 chipset to provide a full rangeof motherboards to support the new high efficiency Skylake-X and Kaby
Lake-X CPUs, so you can build the supreme gaming machine. MSI’s range of X299 based motherboards include a bunch of new improvements that will adjust the method you
compute, do the job and gameplay.msiX

X299 chipset – build the supreme gaming machine

MSI stimulates modders to totally customize their technique.That’s why selected MSI X299 Series motherboards feature X-mounting 3D printing screws that enable you to quickly mount your own covers, fan guards or other 3D printed objects to MSI motherboards with simplicity.The MSI Mod Hub has many of CAD files totally free to download, for example, a LEGO panel, cable tidy and GPU holder. With 3D X-Mounting support on the X299 Gaming M7 ACK and X299 Gaming Pro Carbon AC, the opportunities are unlimited.

Increase the power of all your storage devices by mixing them into a single super-fast volume with M.2 Genie. You can combine PCIe, M.2 and U.2 SSDs in a single RAID set for a maximum of 96Gb/s bandwidth, in comparison to SATA III’s 6Gb/s.Take benefit of Intel’s insane extremely fast Optane storage with Optane Genie for the best in storage performance. MSI’s X299 motherboards support up to 6 devices in a single RAID array.

All of MSI X299-based motherboards,contain these standard functions:
Optimized traces and a completely isolated memory circuitry assures excellent stability and improved overall performance,
so you never have to be concerned about your system fatal crashes during games.Overclock your RAM MEMORY to the top.
The ASmedia 3142 USB 3.1 Gen2 XBOOST controller ridiculous USB speeds when attaching many USB devices at the same moment. Most USB 3.1 Gen2 controllers will offer you a max of 8Gb/s,but MSI’s Lightning USB can provide up to 16Gb/s full bandwidth.
Exterior buttons for clearing the CMOS and fixing a backup BIOS make life simple and easy for overclockers. MSI’s System Saver feature will make absolutely sure that no matter how hard you overclock your monster rig,it’ll constantly boot up.msix299

MSI Game Boost allows one-second overclocking, offering you the general performance enhance you need. Just turn the dial positioned directly on the motherboard itself,or use the MSI Gaming App and your PC will get another adrenalin strike. With Game Boost going up to 11, a performance boost up to 5.2GHz might be possible,depending on your CPU. It’s never really been simplier and easier to overclock your machine and get much more FPS in all your favourite games. The X299 Gaming M7 ACK and X299 Gaming Pro Carbon AC have eight gears of supercharge, while the rest of the gaming range of MSI X299 boards have 2 gears.

Audio Boost 4 lets you take pleasure in the finest sound top quality in both stereo and surround sound.Both front and rear connectors have a specific Hi-Def ALC-1220 audio processor to make sure you experience studio level sound quality, no matter exactly where you connect your headphones.

The X299 Gaming M7 ACK comes with the cutting-edge Killer Wireless AC 1535 and Killer Ethernet E2500 chipset.The Killer Wireless AC 1535 packs all of Killer’s top rated wi-fi technology like as lag and latency reduction, innovative stream
detect and visual bandwidth control.Killer’s ExtremeRange Technology uses external amplifiers, MU-MIMO and beam-forming to help to make your Wi-Fi gaming sessions easy as possible.