Namecheap Integrates StorPool Storage Into New Platform for Hosting Services

Namecheap, a leading provider of domain registration and hosting services worldwide, has adopted StorPool’s software-defined storage solution as part of its new hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform. This move aims to enhance the speed and dependability of Namecheap’s hosting services and retain as well as attract more customers.

Namecheap – photo

Namecheap manages over 13 million domains and offers a broad range of hosting services to its customers. Previously, the company used a hosting platform with bare-metal servers and local storage, which often led to “noisy neighbor” issues where certain customers’ workloads consumed excessive server resources, causing disruptions for other users and causing problems such as single points of failure and downtimes during server upgrades.

To address these issues, Namecheap opted for an HCI deployment with StorPool’s software running on Supermicro servers with 64-core AMD EPYCTM 7742 CPUs and NVMe SSDs, delivering a next-generation hosting service with improved reliability and availability.

With StorPool’s solution, Namecheap can expect improved performance and achieve favorable results in important metrics. According to both Namecheap and StorPool, this approach provides high IOPS with minimal latency while using minimal CPU cores and memory, resulting in efficient utilization of hardware resources.

The new cloud infrastructure from Namecheap will provide the stability and availability necessary to retain existing customers and attract new ones. The company can now conduct scheduled hardware maintenance with minimal downtime, accelerate new virtual machine installations, and ensure optimal performance at scale, all thanks to StorPool. Additionally, Namecheap’s technical team no longer has to manage the storage system as StorPool’s operations team will offer quick assistance for all storage layer needs.

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