Navigator Garmin RV 890 – for camper or RV & much more…

Garmin’s RV 890 portable navigator offers an 8″ high-resolution touchscreen display that operates in both portrait and landscape form, so you can have your viewpoint of preference from the driver’s seat. You can take benefit of custom made routing for your RECREATIONAL VEHICLE or camper van (which includes trailers or towed vehicles), as well as built/in Wi-Fi® for software program updates, and free traffic information and map updates for trouble free travel. Garmin’s voice helper responses your back and call up so you can take a look for vacation spots and stopping areas without taking your hands off the wheel.
The eye catching 8″ display options multi-touch manage for easy control of its pre installed maps and additional functions. And it works in also portrait or landscape mode, so you can select which vantage matches your demands. You’ll have roadmaps of the U.S., Canada, much of Mexico, and some Caribbean islands at your own disposal, as well as thousands of stopping points, which includes RV-friendly spots with showers and Wireless internet. You can also put your own preferred destinations when you’ve found a place that is truly off the beaten route. And with one touch of the screen, Garmin’s Up Ahead option pulls up information for services that lie ahead on your path, such as dining places, gas stations, and much more. You also get up to 4 free map updates per year to maintain you current on road modifications.Garmin RV 890For all those who aren’t willing on mounting a large product on your windscreen, Garmin includes a screw-down mount for your RV’s dashboard or console. The RV 890 also comes along with a 1″ ball-mount adapter plate that’s suitable with numerous third-party options, which include RAM-style mounts.

Routing for your vehicles
Road limitations information allows the RV 890 to uncover the ideal route for your RV. You can make a custom profile with your RV’s height, weight, length, width, and trailer or towed car details, and the navigator will deliver the very best, most secure route to your desired destination on most roadways in the contiguous 48 states and Canada. If you’re in a rush, Garmin contains standard RV sizes which enable you to modify your vehicle profile with the push of button. And you can schedule trips with multiple stops and save routes for potential future reference with simplicity.

The navigator’s elevation map tool gives you information on elevation along your route while looking at the map screen. You can tap into the screen for more details about possible steep levels before you hit a hill your RV might not be prepared for.Garmin RV 890

The Garmin RV 890 contains a database of RV recreational areas and services around the globe, providing you immediate access to hundreds of websites in North America and beyond. You will be able to find RV parks and campgrounds easily, and you can narrow your research by type of services desired, including pet-friendly, on-site laundry, electric hookups, Wi-Fi, and more. You can also narrow your search to contain results from PlanRV Parks, iOverland, Ultimate Public Campgrounds, and KOA, as well as European databases. The included PlanRV directory can point you to nearby garages that can help if your RV breaks down or requires service.
Concerned about probable risky road conditions? The Garmin RV 890 GPS navigator offers upcoming highway information, such as sharp curves, huge wind gusts, and weight limitations. You’ll also get regional info like bridge heights and animal or railroad crossings. If you’re in an region with one way streets or school specific zones, you’ll get a heads-up about paying attention to the speed limit or driving in the completely wrong direction. The navigator also gives mile marker locations, together with border notices five miles before you get to a new state line or the border to a different state.

Garmin’s Drive application for more smart journeys
You can combine the RV 890 with your iPhone® or Android™ smartphone to take benefit of the free Garmin Drive application, which allows the 2 devices to share info, such as stored and lately discovered locations, where you parked, and your current destination. The Drive app also supplies intelligent notifications to your navigator for incoming calls and text messages so you won’t skip anything important. You can also register to dynamic services from Garmin for far more road-friendly content such as advanced weather information, live auto parking, and traffic camera locations for an additional payment.Garmin RV 890

Garmin’s Live Traffic service is furthermore available for free via the Garmin Drive app. When your smartphone is paired with the navigator, you will see real-time traffic info in depth on the navigator’s screen.
The effective built-in loudspeaker overcomes engine noise so you can hear about upcoming moves. The navigator delivers Garmin Real Directions with Garmin Real Voice, a mixture that helps always keep you relaxed as you drive. Real Directions voice prompts speak the instructions to you like a close friend would, using easy-to-see landmarks, complexes and businesses, and traffic lights, rather than streets with small signs that you may not see in moment. With Real Voice technology, you will hear instructions spoken in a personable, human-sounding tone of voice that you’ll understand easily.

Stay on the correct route
Active Lane Guidance shows you shaded arrows for the proper lane for an upcoming turn, while 3-D representations of buildings and surfaces help give you a much better viewpoint of where you are. You’ll see these visual functions in a split-screen along with your general route so you won’t lose view of what’s further down the road. This Garmin’s also working with the optionally available Garmin BC35 wireless rear-view camera, so you can add an more layer of safety when you’re backing up. You can even be connected to a wired rear-view camera, if it has a 3.5mm composite video output. And if you’re planning about adding a dash camera, the RV 1090 offers a USB port that’ll power select Garmin devices, always keeping your RV’s 12-volt power slot free for some other portables.

Handy Bluetooth® compatibility
The Garmin’s RV 890 built-in Bluetooth connectivity enables you to carry out phone calls hands-free with your compatible smartphone. You can keep in contact with friends and family without diverting your focus from the highway ahead. Many points of interest in Garmin’s database include the phone numbers, so you can call ahead to get bookings at dining places or check availability at nearby campgrounds. Photo: Garmin Garmin RV 890

Integrated Wi-Fi lets you update without wires
No one wants to connect their navigator up to their personal computer when it’s time to get a map update or some other program change. With built-in Wi-Fi connection you can execute updates from your vehicle, so long as you’re connected to a Wi-Fi signal or a open public hotspot that does not need a web browser sign-in. Garmin’s RV 890 price $499.99

DIMENSION 7.87″ W x 4.92″ H x 0.79″ D (20.0 x 12.5 x 2.0 cm)
DISPLAY SIZE 6.8″ W x 4.2″ H (17.2 x 10.7 cm); 8″ (20.3 cm)
DISPLAY RESOLUTION 1280 x 800 pixels
DISPLAY TYPE 8″ wide view IPS, color TFT, with on-cell capacitive touch panel
WEIGHT 13.7 oz (387 g)
BATTERY TYPE rechargeable lithium-ion
BATTERY LIFE up to 2 hours


RV PARKS & SERVICES DIRECTORY                        Yes
ROAD ELEVATIONS                                                  Yes
SPEED LIMIT CHANGES                                            Yes
STATE BORDER NOTICES – RV                                  Yes
SUNRISE/SUNSET TIMES – RV                                  Yes
MILE MARKER INFO – RV                                          Yes

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