Netflix – How to Download Movies & Shows on Windows, Android, iPhone

As one of the best-known streaming services, you or someone you know is required to have a Netflix account. You don’t need to sit around a TV to watch inescapable movies or TV shows not to be missed, as you can watch Netflix on your smartphone or tablet, giving you portable access to thousands of hours of entertainment.
However, not everyone has access to high-speed mobile Internet that can stream Netflix on the go. Netflix solves this problem by giving its subscribers the opportunity to download Netflix content while a Netflix subscription is active. If you want to know how to download from Netflix, here’s what you’ll need to do.

Download From Netflix On Windows

If you want to download Netflix TV shows and movies to a Windows 10 PC, you’ll need to download and install the Netflix app from the Microsoft Store first. This will require access with your Netflix username and password, as well as an active Netflix subscription.

Once you’re installed the Netflix app on your PC, open the series or movie you want to download. On the information page before you start playback, click the Download icon. You’ll have to repeat it for every single episode of a TV show you want to download.Microsoft Store

Once a download is started, you can pause or cancel by clicking the circular status icon that replaces the download icon. On the drop-down menu, select Pause Downloads to pause downloading or Cancel Download to cancel.

You can also view the progress of current downloads, as well as view a list of completed downloads, on the User Downloads menu. If you’re downloading, tap the download status bar at the bottom of the Netflix app to access this list. You can also access this menu by clicking the burger menu icon on the left, then tapping the My Downloads option.

The User Download menu displays a list of downloads. An option called Smart Downloads will be visible in the upper right corner. This option ensures that the next TV show available in a series is always downloaded when connected to a network while eliminating a previously watched episode.

This is to help limit the use of Netflix data storage. If you want to turn off this option, tap Smart Downloads, and then tap the Enable Smart Downloads slider to turn off the location.
To start playing a downloaded series or movie, tap one of the options on the User Download menu, and then tap the play icon in the center of the content preview.
To delete the content, click the tick icon in the lower-right corner, and then select the Delete Downloads option.

Download From Netflix On Android, iPhone, Or iPad

If you have an Android, iPhone or iPad device, you must download the Netflix mobile app. Like the Microsoft Store app for WIndows 10, this mobile app supports offline downloads, allowing you to watch your favorite Netflix shows on the go.

First, you’ll need to download the Netflix app from the Google Play Store for Android devices or Apple app store users for iPhone or iPad. Once you install the app, you’ll need to sign in with your active Netflix account.
Once you’re signed in to Netflix on your mobile device, select the content you want to download. Tap the Download button to start downloading at the top of the information menu under the Play button. For TV shows, you can also scroll down and press the download icon next to individual episodes.App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

To see information about past and current downloads, tap the Downloads tab in the bottom menu bar.
At the top of the Downloads tab is the Smart Downloads option. This option ensures that the next available episode of a series is downloaded when watching an episode (eliminating the episode seen in the process). Tap this option, and then tap the Smart Downloads slider in the menu below to turn it off if you prefer to manage it yourself.
The Download menu shows the list of downloaded programs and movies. Tap on any of the downloaded shows or movies to access your content.

To play downloaded Netflix content, tap the play icon in the center of the thumbnail. If you want to delete the downloaded content, tap the tick icon next to it, so you’ll have options to play or delete Downloads. Tap the Delete Downloads option from the menu to delete it.
You can adjust the quality of Netflix episodes or movies downloaded from the Netflix settings menu. To access this menu, tap > app settings.
From the Download menu, you can choose to download content from WiFi connections by simply tapping the Wi-Fi-only slider. To adjust the quality and location of the download video, tap the Download Video Quality or Download Location options.
On the Download Video Quality menu, click Standard or High to switch between quality options. If you select Standard (the default), you can run faster downloads. If you want to increase the quality, select High, although these downloads will take longer and use more internal storage.
If you want to delete all downloaded movies or programs from your device, tap Delete All Downloads.
Tap OK to confirm that you want to do this in the following menu.

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