New LG 50UQ91006LA – with webOS 22 & α7 Gen5 AI Processor 4K TV

Slim LG 50UQ91006LA 4K TV- Impressive picture – to fit all rooms
With an enhanced Alpha 5 Gen 5 processor chip at its center, this LG 50UQ91006LA 50 inch TV has an remarkable picture quality. Offering Dynamic Tone Mapping, the picture is optimized to be vivid and punchy throughout a wide spectrum of content. Working in combination with this, AI brightness senses the lighting grade around the TV and optimises the brightness to suit – providing a punchier picture when the room is filled with sun rays but dimming the image in a more dark room.LG 50UQ91006LA

HDR made far better, with HDR10 Pro
LG’s effective processing also can help in finding the very finest from HDR10 material. Whether enjoying movies or video gaming with HDR10 games, HDR10 Pro intensifies the regular HDR practical experience. HDR10 Pro immediately modifies the brightness, increasing colour and fine detail for a more intense picture.

Discover the picture just exactly as originally intended, by using Filmmaker Mode
If you are “crazy” about movies, you will really like Filmmaker Mode. Developed in cooperation with filmmakers and Hollywood studios, Filmmaker Mode lets you experience the cinematic vision, precisely as the movie director intended. Overriding the TV’s own motion and picture processing, Filmmaker Mode presents the appropriate aspect ratio, colour and frame rate – just as the filmmakers meant.

AI Audio Pro
If you extravagant a more cinematic sound from your TV, then LG’s AI Sound Pro need to be music to your ears. Using AI algorithms, AI Sound Pro up-mixes two-channel audio to virtual 5.1.2 sound – providing a substantially more stunning sound level. The Alpha 5 Gen 5 processor furthermore optimises the sound based mostly on content type – giving more clear vocals with news and series. The powerful AI can also take account of your room’s acoustics and layout and adjusts to give the most clean sound possible.LG 50UQ91006LA

LG 50UQ91006LA TV with great LG webOS 22 – the greatest in smart TV
Broadly considered as one of the best smart TV platforms, LG’s webOS system keeps to set the standard. The recent webOS 22 provides advanced personalisation and suggestions. You can create up to 6 customized user profiles, with individual watching recommendations, sport notifications and application lists. Photo: LG

Magic Remote for simple control
LG’s Magic Remote has generally led the field for uncomplicated, gesture control. As well as this, the remote functions direct keys for favorite streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Rakuten TV. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa also get specific buttons for simply voice recognition.

The centre of your home enjoyment – with voice control
Offering LG’s ThinQ AI technology, you can manage a Home IoT eco-system with natural voice recognition. With both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in, it makes it even much easier to control your LG TV and instantly access the entertainment you are searching for.

Take pleasure in optimized picture quality, at all periods of the day, with the LG 50UQ91006LA.  Price: £649.98LG 50UQ91006LA

Please note, this LG 50UQ91006LA Smart TV features 3rd party Apps. These Applications may be customized or removed at any time. There may also be a delay in initiating some of the featured Apps. Catch-up TV Apps may possibly vary by location. The feature and accessibility of applications is not insured by the manufacturer’s warranty.LG 50UQ91006LA


LG 50UQ91006LA specs:


Type   4K UHD
Screen Size   50
Resolution   3840 x 2160
LCD (IPS, VA)   Multi
Refresh Rate     120Hz


BLU Type   Direct
Main Processor    α7 Gen5 AI Processor 4K
Operating System (OS)    webOS Smart TV
Number of CPUs     Quad


ThinQ    Yes (Differ by region)
Speech to Text    Yes
LG Voice Search    Yes
Google Assistant    Yes (Differ by region)
Amazon Alexa    Yes (Differ by region)
AI Home    Yes
AI Recommendation   Yes
Intelligent Edit   Yes
Home Dashboard   Yes
Apple Homekit   Yes
Google Home Connection   Yes (Differ by region)
Amazon Echo Connection   Yes (Differ by region)
Screen Share   Yes
ThinQ App   Yes (Differ by region)
Airplay2    Yes
Magic Remote Control   Built-In
Quick Access   Yes
Universal Control    Yes
360° VR Play    Yes
Related Content Search   Yes (Differ by region)
Audio Guidance (Text To Speech)    Yes
Apps    Yes
DIAL    Yes
Web Browser   Yes
LG Channels    Yes (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland)
TV On With Mobile   Yes
Wi-Fi TV On    Yes
Bluetooth Low Energy On   Yes
Network File Browser   Yes
Block access to harmful site   Yes
Live Plus (ACR-based Bilateral Service)   Yes
Sports Alert   Yes (Differ by region)
Hotel Mode   Yes
Music Discovery   Yes
Multi View   Yes
Family settings   Yes
USB Camera Linkage    Yes


AI Picture ProAI Genre Selection   Yes (SDR/HDR)

HDR   Active HDR   HDR10 Pro      Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes (4K/2K)

HLG  Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes (4K/2K)

Dynamic Tone Mapping / Pro   Dynamic Tone Mapping

2K HFR    No / Yes / No / No

VP9 (Video Decoder)   4K@60p, 10bit

FreeSync Compatible   Yes

Speaker (Sound Output)   20W (10W per Channel)

Direction   Down Firing

AI Sound / Pro   AI Sound Pro (Virtual 5.1.2 Up-mix)

Clear Voice Pro   Clear Voice Pro

WiSA Speakers   Yes

Sound Share   Yes


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