New Sony FE 12-24mm f/4 G ultra-wide lens

Any kind of absent pieces in the jigsaw of Sony’s E-mount lens map for full-frame digital cameras are quickly being filled up. At contrary ends of the variety of zoom lenses, there’s a 100-400mm super-telephoto that we will be reviewing in following month’s group test, and this ultra-wide 12-24mm lens. A little more costly than Sigma’s 12-24mm Art lens for Canon and Nikon full-frame DSLRs, the brand new Sony provides the same remarkable viewing angle of 122 degrees.
Both lenses are rectilinear instead than curvilinear,intending to keep distortion to a minimum.As a G-series lens, the Sony does not obtain the top-flight G Master designation of the new 16-35mm, but still has an outstanding set of functions.
The optical path contains four aspherical and three Extralow Dispersion elements, plus a Super ED element, together with Nano AR coatings. The strategy is to increase corner-to-corner sharpness, while reducing chromatic aberrations, ghosting and flare.

Auto-focus is primarily based on Sony’s DDSM (Direct Drive Super Sonic Motor) system, which is pretty much silent and well appropriate to both stills and movie capture.The fly-by-wire manual focus ring works efficiently and with fantastic precision.
The zoom mechanism is not completely internal, but the extending internal lens barrel remains within the boundaries of the outer barrel, so the overall physical length remains the same at all zoom controls.

Even at the greatest aperture of f/4,vignetting is not too evident, while the drop in corner-sharpness is really minimal at both ends of the zoom range, and negligible at mid-zoom settings. Whenever you hit f/5.6, sharpness is outstanding
across the frame. Auto-focus is fast and very precise,and the lens is extremely resistant to ghosting and flare.

Sony FE 12-24mm f/4 G ultra-wide lens SPECIFICATIONS:

Full-frame compatible -Yes
Effective focal length -12-24mm
(18-36mm APS-C)
Image stabiliser -No
Minimum focus distance -0.28m
Max magnifcation factor -0.14x
Manual focus override -Yes
Focus hold switch -Yes
Internal zoom/focus -No/ Yes
Filter size -None
Iris blades -7
Weather seals -No
Supplied accessories -Pouch
Dimensions -87 x 117mm
Weight -565g


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