New technology in 2018. – step to the next level

One of the most important trends of this year has been the exponential growth of computer energy. It is true that it is not the most visible or exciting trend-but it is the most important, because it is the only element that feeds all the other enormous technological advances. For example, cloud computing has enabled companies to store amounts of data beyond any infrastructure boundary. This is also the case with software-like-a-Service platforms, which allow companies to rent server space, software and processing power from third-party vendors, thus eliminating the need for heavy infrastructure investments.

future tech

The next big thing in computational power is quantum computing. Even though it’s still too early to say how this will affect the average business, one thing is certain-it’ll come, and it will be damaging.

Last year he also increased the datacuntation of our lives. The amount of data at our disposal is steadily increasing and companies that know how to collect data – and most importantly, use it as leverage – will continue to keep their advantage over dinosaurs.

In 2017, Internet-of-things also made more future forays into our lives. Everyday devices are becoming more and more intelligent and new products and services are becoming increasingly connected.

So, what’s in the store for the New Year? In 2018, the technology is set to give more importance to artificial intelligence, machine learning and Internet-of-things.

Prepare to enter to the BIG technology future.

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