New Time Of Macro Managing Electronic Devices

Computer is manufactured in separate parts. Like a human body each part has a significant role to play. This machine cannot fully function without any of the parts not working properly. The main reason why the machineries were huge in size back in olden day was the wiring of their parts was done externally.

The technological advancement in electrical engineering in making the devices smaller is called electronics. In order to shrink the mass we have to connect the parts internally. This is achieved by connecting using liquid metal like mercury or copper on a circuit board. Devices are not only smaller in size but they consume less power. Mostly the type of power used is DC current. This has created a revolution in the field of engineering.


The device does not work if motherboard is broken. There is no way that we can attach. The only option is to replace the circuit. The blueprint or the design can be obtained on a transparent paper which helps us to reconstruct the appliance as many times as we want. There are printed motherboards available in the market which makes lot easier in constructing a circuit.

The circuit layout always looks similar for various devices, however they carry different functions. This we can understand when they take shape into an apparatus. Television is a gadget we love watching our favorite movies.We can say a circuit is a electrical network which carry a path for current. Electronic components are capable of performing amplification, computation and data transfer.

Hard drive is designed to store the information or data permanently. The power supply unit ensures the electricity is supplied to all the parts of the computer. Apart from computer the chips are present in our mobile phones, tablets and other day to day gadgets. There are micro and macro chips according to the size.

It is an amazing experience of human interaction with computer. The art of making a machine intelligent enough to design a product on its own without human intervention is known as artificial intelligence. We can also make computer to design large machines which is known as computer aided manufacturing or CAM.

Technology has significantly changed the way we look at life today. Imagining how people were living in the absence of technical knowledge. Every work has to be done manually which was a tiresome process.

What we think was impossible is possible now. The technological revolution has completely taken humans into a new dimension altogether. This change has increased the morale and confidence of a man to the skies. There is a vast difference in the social and economic status now compared to the earlier days.

Producing at large quantities is a crucial aspect in any business. With the increase in population the demand is increasing hence we have to look at ways to increase the supply maintaining the same cost. Today every commodity in the market is produced in mass within no time. This is achieved from automation. This process has increased the production ten folds.


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