Onkyo SKW-208 – very good active bass reflex subwoofer

Take sound to a much deeper dimension, with the Onkyo SKW-208 subwoofer.

Highly stable and efficient powered subwoofer
Including a powered subwoofer to your appropriate hi-fi or AUDIO-VIDEO system provides a entire new quality of bass. Soundtracks now thunder along and your preferred music has the complete effect of a live event. With its 120 watts of constant power and 25cm cone, the SKW-208 has no trouble busting a groove.

The bass unit subwoofer performs admirably for both movies and music when properly calibrated. It functions effectively, although occasional adjustments to the unit’s levels may be necessary when watching particularly bass-heavy Blu-ray movies, as these films tend to generate powerful, thunderous bass levels that may not appeal to everyone’s preferences. It’s important to note that due to its size, careful consideration should be given to its placement in order to achieve optimal sound and visual impact.

Matches your already present audio speakers
With a crossover frequency that modifies between 50Hz to 200Hz, the Onkyo SKW-208 operates with a big range of speakers. From floor-standers to small, pc speakers, the SKW-208 is ideal for all.Onkyo SKW-208 active bass reflex subwooferWide range of improvements
As well as the frequency response, the SKW-208 also features variable level and phase controls. The output level lets you adjust how dominate you want the bass to be – from bass quite heavy to hardly noticeable, and everything in between, there is a setting to satisfy you. The phase switch lets you position the subwoofer at the front or back or the room and always keep the bass correctly in time.

Glossy style
Offering a curved front facia with glossy dark-colored finish, the Onkyo SKW-208 is a slick piece of design and style. The thin cabinet slides easily between home furniture, with the front-mounted bass slot well placed to fire the sound into your room, with no obstruction.

Bring the missing dimension in sound to your audio system, with the Onkyo SKW-208 subwoofer.  Photo:  OnkyoOnkyo SKW-208 subwoofer

Rated Output Power: 120 W Minimum Continuous Power (4 Ω, 100 Hz, Maximum 1% THD)
25 cm Cone
Adjustable Crossover Frequency (50 Hz-200 Hz)
Phase Switch (Normal or Reverse)
Output-Level Control
Line Input
Frequency Response: 25 Hz-200 Hz
Gloss-Finished Front Panel

The final result for the Onkyo SKW-208 active bass reflex subwoofer is remarkably excellent, an overwhelming pleasure could be discovered in the areas of sound and function. Just the function of the AutoStand By developed a disturbing noise. This feature really should still be re-worked by the producer. When listening to music, this detail is absolutely not noticed in the background. When watching movies, even so, the sound can be identified as problematic. For movies, as a result, other devices can be advisable. With a more than decent value for money the device is also something for the little money bag. Especially the high-quality design and style and the good as well as secure developing method are specific best parts of the Onkyo SKW-208 active bass reflex subwoofer.

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