Opel Mokka X compact crossover-update styling

Offering 131 mm worth of terrain clearance and a raised driving position that’s taller still,together with artificial scuff plates,front and rear, and all the additional off-road prowess that black-plastic
wheelarch protection affords,the Opel Mokka is a perfect example of what can be achieved from fairly humble starts.

While the vehicle’s dimensions remain unchanged, the most evident update to the exterior
styling is a modified,handsom front-end,incorporating new LED-highlighted head- and foglamp clusters, a fresh family
grille and, ironically, colour coding where the previous model boasted tough-looking black
plastic. Where the Mokka had an 18-inch alloy wheel-size solution,
the new range features 17-inch rubber on entry-level Enjoy spec with high-end Cosmo models now fitted with
19-inch items.mokka-x

The significant change to the revised Mokka range’s interior packaging is an Astra-inspired look.The
previously fussy arrangement of controls and functions for the climate control and audio settings
has made way for an altogether neater and more rational interface.
In entry-level Cosmo specification,this new facia houses Opel’s clever R4.0 IntelliLink touchscreen infotainment system (it’s standard in the Cosmo), although adding satellite navigation is an extra R10 700 on both models.
As before, the presence of logically arranged subsidiary buttons
for audio, telephone and cruise-control functions on the steering
wheel is a advantage.
If there was one gripe about the interior treatment of our particular test unit,it was that the chrome lining around the
instrument cluster reflected unwanted glare both onto the dials and towards the driver’s eye line. Otherwise, perceived fit and finish are commendable.Mokka X
Aimed at younger family buyers, as well as the young at heart,the cabin boasts a welcome array
of storage options, including a deep bin ahead of the gear lever, a part of the facia that is strangely blanked off in the Astra to provide a fixing point for a
number of aftermarket equipment. Where Opel could look to further enhance matters of
storage is by including surfaces that are lined with rubber; as it stands, items placed in these bins
tend to rattle about when the car is on the move.

The impressively punchy 103 kW engine feels and sounds most comfy within the lower reaches of its rev
range; run it towards its 6 500 r/min redline and the unit starts taking strain. Operated
sedately, however, and it’s generally economical – we averaged just
6,9 L/100 km on our mixed-conditions 100 km fuel route.Mokka X opel

While that raised driving position aids excellent all-round visibility, some lankier members of our team felt that the
combination of a tall seating position and previously mentioned relatively narrow body leads to a
top-heavy sensation from behind the wheel. Nevertheless, despite a lack of feedback through the
light steering setup, the Mokka offers a surefooted and composed driving experience that most will find pert rather
than busy.

What the Mokka X does well is embrace its quirkiness and provide something slightly different to
the norm for those buyers who aren’t necessarily looking for family-spec packing space.While not ultimately as refined
in conditions of interior trim as its similarly priced Astra equivalent,the Mokka X nevertheless builds
on an already compelling package that, together with the Adam, nicely complements Opel’s more traditional modern

cyl/capac (cm3) 4/1 364
power (kW/r/min) 103/4 900-6 000
torque (N.m/r/min) 200/1 850-4 900
gears/drive 6/F
0-100 km/h (sec) 9,93
max speed (km/h) 191
fuel index (L/100 km) 7,92
luggage capac (dm3) 200/976
serv/maint plan S5/90 000 km