Organize all your notes – CherryTree for Windows application

Cherrytree is a powerful feature of a large wiki-like utility that takes hierarchical notes which allows you to organize all your notes, bookmarks, source codes and other personal information into a database.

The application is a personal wiki system (desktop) that saves all your data in an XML file, supports a wide range of source code types (ASP, C, Java, JavaScript, LaTex, Pascal, Perl, PHP, etc.), allows you to highlight the syntax, formatting the Paragraph and alignment, insertion and management of image, table, list and Codebox.

The software also allows users to define hyperlinks (these can be linked to WEB pages, nodes or files), print and export nodes in PDF format, organize node structure, search for them with regular expressions, replace Text strings in node notes or names, import data from Notecase, tuxcards, basket, and keepnote notebooks.

Cherrytree has a very nice interface, fast, customizable and intuitive, which includes an undo function (which allows you to invert the typed text to a previous state), supports editing tables and Import/Export (as a CSV file), the line of Packaging, self-saving and is available in several languages.

Cherrytree features and Highlights for Windows:
Syntax highlighting
Manages image formats and saves as PNG
Supports lists of numbers and bullets
Support, lines, and import/export tables in CSV format
Composite Rich Text selection, images, codebox and tables
Copy/paste cross-applications
File Manager and Windows Explorer support
Find a node, look in the current node, search for all nodes
Replace in node names, replace in current nodes, replace in all nodes
Iterating over the last search, iterating over the last substitution, iterating over the last applied text format
Importing from plain text files, importing from plain text file folder
Import basketball, Cherrytree, Gnote, Keepnote, Keynote, Self, mempad, notecase, Tomboy, Treepad Lite, Tuxcards, Zim
Password protection