Patent analysis – the best Tool for Technological Intelligence

Patents are the largest source of technology information. The patent is granted to the inventor as a reward for its innovation in the form of exclusive monopoly right for a period of 20 years from the date of priority of the invention. Due to progress in the IT and Internet sectors, these valuable documents are now available to the general public. Anyone skilled in the technique can go through several patent databases and after a search you can get the patent document of your need. There are several patent databases, the USPTO, the EPO, the JPO, etc. freely open to public access. If we cross patents relating to a specific technology sector, we will be able to find the large amount of information on the life cycle of the visualization of technological innovation

– evolutionary path of a specific technology,

– technological development,

– technological diversification,

– technology merges,

– the main players in the specific technology area,


– specific technology key points

Patent analysis can reveal very valuable information that is not available anywhere. After the search for patents, the crucial part is the analysis of patents, and one must be very concise about its objective of the study. The information contained in the patent documents can be used in different ways as necessary and assigned accordingly to obtain the image of all the analyses in snapshots.

Patent data can be used for the preparation of technological landscapes. Mathematical Logistics and circular mathematics can be very useful in the context of the technological panorama. It can reveal the evolutionary tendency of a technology, as it evolves from a basic technology, along with the period of technological diversification and its nature. These maps will also give a detailed insight into the merging of different technologies to give rise to breaking technologies. These types of maps will be very useful for the R & D staff to assess the location of their research and technology, and also find ways to innovate the most advanced and valuable technology.

In today’s global context companies need to know which technologies the competitors can easily drown, and they can be looking for. They also need to know the spaces in the technologies where the competition is intense, and the areas where the competitors are concentrating their IP development and their R & D efforts. They must be able to trace the strategies of acquiring and developing patents and Creation of graphs of the competitive panorama. To assess technology before making investment decisions, companies need to know the pace of patent activity in technology, that patents embody fundamental ideas in technology and how vulnerable the technologies of the company Patent infractions. This will give them very necessary information to decide between technological development and technology acquisition.

The ability to extract relevant information from patent literature is a crucial success factor for anyone involved in technological innovation. The technology mapping technique that can be used to transform patent information into knowledge that can influence decision making.

Patents are an important source of technological intelligence that companies can use to gain a strategic advantage. Technological intelligence is a can be used to collect, analyse, predict and manage information related to external technology, including patent information. Computational mapping of patents is a methodology for the development and application of a technological knowledge base for technology and competitive intelligence. The main results of the mapping of patents are in the form of visualization of knowledge through the landscape and maps. These maps provide valuable information on the technological evolution/revolution, the nature of the various types of pioneers.

Patent mapping can be an integral part of IP management that can reveal valuable patent information and can provide useful indicators for technical trends, market trends, competition changes and profile technology and Innovation potential of a company. Patent papers are visual representations of information about patents that have been exploited and aggregated or grouped to highlight specific features. There is a high degree of flexibility in visualization, which can be in the form of time series or as space maps. We provide a more market-oriented analysis focused on the technology of the complete set of patent portfolio assets through our patent mapping services. Patent mapping can be used to determine the quality of patents in relation to the prevailing technology and the extent to which patents affect technology. This is a valuable contribution in the technology of supply/development and the decisions of R & D. Patent mapping may be indispensable for both companies who have an underutilized patent profile and are trying to license/allocate in the most favorable terms, as well as companies that are trying to develop strength Of the portfolio of patents in a certain field technology.

The mere specialization of the subject is not enough for this, but analytical thinking and innovations are very essential. Today there are many software resources available for mapping the data of patents, but almost all of them are limited to bibliographical information. The machine’s work cannot be compared to that of human intelligence. Patent mapping requires a lot of expertise. The first and most important of these is the ability to understand the complex scientific ideas protected by the patents themselves. Although it is possible to create a patent map by analyzing the relationship between the patents without understanding the problem, this map is often unnecessary and must be sharpened by someone who understands the complexities of the particular discipline that undergoes the invention. Therefore, I hope that the need for people with scientific (and engineering) expertise in the field of patent mapping is increasing. That is why today many of the company KPO are looking for the right guy and there is a big demand today, which will certainly increase in the near future.

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