PC Mouse review – ASUS ROG Chakram Core

The polling rates on the ASUS ROG Chakram Core are generally 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz. You can furthermore modify the lift-off range between a high and low setting up using the companion program. Even though this computer mouse has the exact same sensor, its bare minimum lift-off distance is not as low as on the wireless ASUS ROG Chakram.You could set up the joystick to work in analog mode for far more precise control or a D-pad mode, with up, down, left, and right inputs. Pressing the button on the bottom of the mouse process between up to 4 CPI profiles. Holding the button and scrolling up/down lets you to correct the CPI by installments of 100. The ASUS ROG Chakram Core also has hot-swappable left and right-click switches, but this is not a specific thing we analyze.ASUS ROG Chakram CoreThe ASUS ROG Chakram Core is really good for office environment use. It feels well-built, offers a comfy right-handed shape appropriate for larger hands using any grip kind, and the majority of of its buttons are programmable. Regrettably, it does not have wireless connection possibilities and lacks suitable software for macOS. It also does not have a thumb wheel, but you can use the joystick for scrolling horizontally or vertically via docs while in D-pad mode.

The ASUS ROG Chakram Core is a excellent FPS video gaming mouse. It feels very durable and has a right-handed shape fitting for bigger hands using any grip type. It also has a wide CPI range, a CPI you can adjust by increments of 100, a low lift-off distance, and quite low click latency. Sadly, this mouse is quite heavy, and its braided cable is relatively inflexible.
The ASUS ROG Chakram Core is fine for MMO gaming, but it does not have nearly as many buttons as a dedicated MMO mouse, and its cable is pretty stiff. That said, it feels very robust, it has a comfortable shape suitable for larger hands and all grip types, and you can program most of its buttons using the companion software. It also has a wide CPI range, a CPI you can adjust by increments of 100, a low lift-off distance, and very low click latency.  Photo>  AsusASUS ROG Chakram CoreAlthough the ASUS ROG Chakram Core scores as a great mouse for ultra-light gaming, it’s significantly heavier than dedicated ultra-light gaming mice, and its cable is fairly stiff. Despite this, it feels highly well-built, has a comfortable, right-handed shape suitable for larger hands and all grip types, and very low click latency.
The ASUS ROG Chakram Core is terrible for travel use as it’s huge and likely won’t fit in nearly all laptop cases. It also has no wireless connectivity options, making it complicated to use in more compact spaces like vehicles, trains, or planes. It feels very sturdy and has onboard memory space, but it lacks companion software for macOS.
The ASUS ROG Chakram Core is a good, feature-rich video gaming mouse that feels very well-built. It has two side buttons on the left and a thumb joystick you can use in a precise analog mode or a four-direction D-pad mode. You can also take away the top cover of this mouse and mount a different set of buttons, which is a exceptional option in gaming mice at this moment. Functionality sensible, it has a wide CPI spectrum, a CPI you can adjust by increments of 100, a low lift-off distance, and an superb mouse click latency. Unfortunately, it’s heavy, and its braided cable is fairly stiff. At the same time, there is not a appropriate software package solution for macOS.

ROG Chakram Core specs||ASUS ROG Chakram Core

USB 2.0
PAW3335 Optical Sensor
100-16,000 DPI
Max Speed
400 IPS
Max Acceleration
40 g
USB Report rate
1000 Hz
L/R Switch Type
Omron (D2FC-F-K) 50M
9 (5 + 4 in digital joystick mode)
Scroll Wheel
Grip style
Palm grip
Fingertip grip
1.8 m braided cable
Windows® 10
Armoury Crate
132.7 x 76.6 x 42.8 mm
Weight With Cable
97 / 111 g (without cable)
1 x ROG Chakram Core
1x short joystick
1 x long joystick
1 x joystick socket cover
1 x switch remover
1 x 13.6g adjustable weight
2 x ROG stickers
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x Warranty Booklet


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