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PC Randomly Restarts? How to fix that problem!

Various issues can lead to a PC to restart randomly with no warning, but most come under a several wide-ranging categories:
A problem with how power is delivered to the computer
Overheating computer hardware
Faulty hardware
Some sort of software or operating system bug
Malware together with ransomware

How to Fix It When a PC Randomly Restarts

The large range of problems that could trigger a random restart can make discovering the cause very difficult. The tips below are in an order that will assist you locate the root cause of the problem.

Analyze the power outlet that delivers power to your pc. Pay attention to various other devices connected to the outlet when the pc restarts. Do they also lose electrical power? If so, the issue could be the wall outlet and not the personal pc.

Carefully check your pc’s power and restart buttons. Make absolutely sure they’re clear of physical objects, pets, and siblings. Move everything that could possibly, unintentionally activate the power or restart button.

PC Randomly Restarts How to fix that problem!
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Turn off automatic restart on system failure. This change will not resolve the problem, but it may stop the pc from restarting if a software or operating system problem is the reason. Stopping a random restart may give you a chance to see an error information and far better recognize the cause.

Take a look at the power cord and its connection to both your PC and the power outlet.

Search for indications that your COMPUTER is overheating. Additionally, you can use program to test your computer’s CPU temperature in real time period. Every PERSONAL COMPUTER has a series of sensors that monitors internal temperature ranges. They will force a shutdown if heat escalate high enough to harm the PC’s hardware.

The shutdown temperature may differ by PC and occasionally by the sensor, but temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius in most cases really mean issues.

Give your COMPUTER a smooth shake. A loose internal connection may possibly cause a random restart. Trembling or moving the PC could possibly trigger the problem. If it does, that is a good indication the problem lies with the internal hardware and will probably require a repair.

Get rid of lately installed software. The problem might be triggered by a software bug. If the restarts started not too long ago, try uninstalling any kind of software installed before the problem started.

Set up and run antivirus program if you don’t already have it installed. Eliminate any malware that it detects. Malware does not usually restart a pc, as this rarely benefits its creator. However, malware can lead to many unusual problems leading to a random restart.

Reset Windows. A reset will take away most software but keep some files and configuration settings. It could remove software or settings that are causing the random restart.

Re-install Windows. This more demanding option to a reset will totally wipe Windows OS, including all software and files, offering a clean start.

In cases where random restarts continue after this step, the issue is probably your pc’s hardware, not Windows or installed computer software.

Take off any kind of recently installed hardware upgrades. Brand-new hardware can cause unpredicted conflicts. Reverting to your previous hardware may possibly resolve the problem.

In case you are using a desktop PC, replace the power supply. The PSU turns power from your wall outlet to power various PC components can use. A issue with the power supply can cause random restarts, among several other problems.

So, why my PC restart when I shut it down?
This error is generally due to software or driver problems. In most cases, the quickest repair is to go to Control Panel > Power Options > Choose what the power buttons do > Change configuration settings that are currently not available and uncheck the box next to Turn on fast startup. In any other case, check for driver updates.

Why does my pc randomly restart while playing games?
Overheating is the most probably reason when a game restarts while you’re game playing. Make absolutely sure your PC has enough space to vent air flow or try some other solutions to always keep your pc cool.

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