Perfect Modular 1300W PSU ADATA XPG CYBERCORE – specs

ADATA’s enormous progress was not by chance, as the company has been making accurate, proper marketplace moves amidst their efforts at diversification. The newest introduction of the XPG Cybercore PSUs is an additional one of those excellent moves, as the company has brought something that really stands out in a extremely competitive and saturated current market.XPG CYBERCORE Modular Power Supply
The genuinely special part of the Cybercore series is the brand-new CWT platform that they are primarily based on. The new platform is basically a game changer, as it considerably decreased the space needs for > 1 kW designs while also bringing in digital control. The new platform is furthermore able to meet the Intel ATX version 2.52 demands. Even though CWT’s older platform probably could interact with many of the exact same metrics – sans the new requirement for > 60% effectiveness at 2% load – a much better low load performance is a considerable benefit with modern systems, as their power requirements drop greatly while they are idling. The completely new platform, in combination with XPG’s selection of parts, makes the 1300W version of the Cybercore series remarkably effective, conveniently meeting the 80Plus Platinum certification standards.

XPG CYBERCORE Modular Power Supply
100% Japanese capacitors at 105℃

In general, the overall performance of the ADATA XPG Cybercore 1300W PSU is really great. It does not break any sort of records, but it does not fail either. The XPG Cybercore provides very good power quality regardless of its load, making certain the balance and durability of the components it is powering. It also keeps silent while it is lightly loaded, allowing gaming systems to be built will only be significantly clear while gaming. The very high effectiveness allows the PSU to keep reasonable temperature ranges, even while its fan is switched off and it has to run inside highly warm conditions. Photo: ADATA

XPG Cybercore 1300W PSU
XPG CYBERCORE is the latest XPG and
Nidec collaboration, utilizing XPG VENTO
PRO 120 PWM Fan by Nidec for its high
cooling efficiency, Dual Bearing and its
patented technology in maintaining
excellent balance between noise and life
expectancy (60,000 hours at 60℃).

XPG Cybercore 1300W PSU specs:

ATX 24 Pin Connector 1300W:  1
EPS 8 (4+4) Pin Connector 1300W:2
PCI-E 6+2 Pin Connector 1300W:10
SATA Connector 1300W:16
MOLEX 4 Pin Connector 1300W:8
FLOPPY 4 Pin Connector 1300W:2

Fan Size 120mm
Fan Bearing Dual Ball Bearing
Fan Speed 2,150 RPM
MTBF >120,000 hours @ 25℃XPG Cybercore 1300W PSU

Dimensions (L x W x H) 160 x 150 x 86mm
Cybenetics Rating 1300W:ETA PLATINUM
Protections OCP / OVP / UVP / OPP / SCP / OTP / NLO / SIP
Certification CE / CB/ FCC(IC) / TUV / cTUVus / TUV S-Mark / NOM / BSMI / UKCA / EAC
PFC 0.99
Input Voltage 100V-240V
Input Current 1300W:15A
Input Frequency 1300W:50Hz-60Hz
Operating Temperature 50℃
Warranty 10 Years

Consider the fan speed as a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a power supply unit (PSU). The fan’s primary role is to dissipate heat, thereby enhancing the cooling efficiency of your CPU and subsequently improving your PC’s performance. While a powerful fan is essential, it is equally important for gamers, especially streamers, to prioritize quiet operation. A noisy PSU fan can be disruptive during streaming sessions. Therefore, it is advantageous to seek a PSU that maintains low noise levels while operating at maximum capacity. Our team conducted tests on the XPG Cybercore 1300 PSU to measure its fan speed under various load conditions. Here are the findings:

  • 10% to 30% load: 0 RPM
  • 40% load: 778 RPM
  • 50% load: 935 RPM
  • 60% load: 1097 RPM
  • 70% load: 1275 RPM
  • 80% load: 1545 RPM
  • 90% load: 1782 RPM
  • Full load (100% load): 2023 RPM

The XPG Cybercore 1300W Platinum PSU is priced at $239, making it competitively aligned with other 1300W PSU options currently available. It presents an ideal choice for individuals who intend to construct a high-end PC and ensure its longevity. With its utilization of high-quality components, adherence to the Platinum standard for 80 Plus efficiency, and the inclusion of a notably quiet fan, this PSU is an outstanding option suitable for both gamers and content creators. If your budget falls within the range of $250 or below, the XPG Cybercore 1300 Platinum is definitely worth considering.

Modular PSU main advantages

A modular power supply unit (PSU) has several advantages over a non-modular PSU. Some of the main advantages of a modular PSU include improved cable management, easier installation, and better overall system airflow.

One of the main advantages of a modular PSU is that it allows for improved cable management. With a modular PSU, the cables are not permanently attached to the power supply, so you can choose which cables you need and only connect the ones that are necessary for your system. This can help to reduce clutter and improve airflow inside your computer case, which can help to keep your system cooler and more efficient.

Another advantage of a modular PSU is that it can be easier to install. Since you can choose which cables you need and only connect the ones you need, you can avoid having to route unnecessary cables through your case, which can make the installation process faster and easier.

Finally, a modular PSU can help to improve overall system airflow. Since you can choose which cables you need and only connect the ones you need, you can avoid having unnecessary cables blocking airflow inside your case. This can help to keep your system cooler and more efficient.

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