Perfection-BenQ GW2270-Flicker-free and Eye-care monitor

BenQ GW2270 monitor-ultimate in image quality
BenQ is a company that since its founding in 2001, the maximum of dedicated to designing top quality monitor for all applications – from consumer and business applications, to high-end solutions for multimedia and gaming BenQ does not stop various technological options to impress your customers. In recent years the company has focused on special monitors middle and upper classes in all segments, which is the end result in a significant increase in the number of customer. If a closer look at the current offer is not difficult to conclude that the BenQ dangerous working to improve the model of so-called home and business categories monitors, which shows best GW2270 model that combines a simple design with the latest technological developments to raise image quality to an impressive level.benqgw2270_

BenQ GW2270 monitor is positioned as a solution for multiple classes that can be used for home and business use. In fact it is a 27-inch diagonal monitor ideal for fun and for work. Every aspect of its form and its function are each reduced to combine simplicity and functionality in pure aesthetics. His owners can enjoy the pure visual pleasure with the help of advanced technologies that protect eyesight and make the image more natural and more beautiful.
In fact GW2270 is not only a tribute to the minimalist lifestyle and modern elegance, but also the entrance to the world of everyday pleasures. Every detail of GW2270 monitor exudes exceptional skill workmanship, perfect precision and maximum functionality. His stand T-shaped from the front is finely brushed and decorated with great relief of rectangular shape, which makes it special and irresistible. On the other side of the black casing of the monitor is decorated with fine detail located on the back or in translation – GW2270 is a classic minimalist miracle, the ultimate sophisticated monitor which could not resist.gw2270__

Hardware point of view GW2270 follows every visual detail. So the basis is AMVA + panel of last generation with a response time of 5ms liquid crystal and LED backlighting. Aspect ratio is 16: 9, while the natural contrast nailed to 3000: 1, ie. dynamically to 20M: 1st Viewing angles are excellent (178/178), which can also be said for the maximum operating resolution of 1920×1080 dpi. Connectivity is also to be welcomed, as well as the following OSD which is equipped BenQ really great and very useful options. And now the most important thing – technological advances. Anti-flicker technology implemented on this monitor eliminates flickering at all brightness levels and effectively reducing eye fatigue. Conventional LCD screens flicker 200 times a second,that maximizes tired eyes, but this is not the case with GW2270 monitor.
Also, each monitor creates the blue part of the light spectrum, which is one of the main causes of visual impairment, eye fatigue, headaches and sleep disorders. The unique Low Blue Light technology which was created by the company BenQ solve everyday problem exposure to the blue light and allows it to be healthier spend time in front of the computer. By activating one of the four preset Low Blue Light Mode (Multimedia – a reduction of 30%, Web-surfing – 50%, office – 60% Reading – 70%), all of these problems will be solved, and work for the GW2270 monitor will be much nicer and more pleasant. In addition to conserving technologies eyes and generally monitor this aspect of similar solutions stands out in that it has an ultra-advanced Eco mode whose activation can save up to 35% of energy without significant “variations” in the quality of the image.

And that in some shorter lines was GW2270 monitor that essentially redefines the way of using PC monitor its advanced technological solutions. He is definitely not one of those standard monitors that can be purchased at any computer store, but a solution that offers much more than what is called average. His main weapons are the ultimate in image quality and impeccable color reproduction and detail that will make you love the most advanced office users and more demanding consumers. Low power consumption is an additional plus, and the fact that it follows the market price is more than fair. The price is about 140 euros.

TUV Rheinland Certification for Flicker-free
and Low Blue Light
3000:1 Native Contrast Ratio-Dynamic Contrast 20 000 000 : 1
True 8-bit Color Performance
178°/178° Wide-Viewing Angles